EP #16: E-Commerce Growth Lessons from Vietnam’s Top Online Book Retailer; Fahasa.com

EP #16: E-Commerce Growth Lessons from Vietnam’s Top Online Book Retailer; Fahasa.com

About this Podcast

In this very special episode in Vietnamese, we caught up with Nguyen Thinh, Head of Marketing, at one of the leading online bookstore platforms in Vietnam: Fahasa! Fahasa, is the largest online bookstore in Vietnam. They have about 7,000 book categories, catering to a plethora of customers. In an interesting chat, Nguyen shares valuable insights in the COVID-19 context and beyond:

  • How businesses need to adapt in terms of their work (from home) culture, data analytics, and marketing strategy during these current times
  • The important role of data-driven user engagement and retention
  • The key user engagement and retention challenges specific to the online bookstore business
  • Delivering awesome user experiences at scale with personalization
  • How Fahasa drives marketing ROI using email, web and mobile app engagement, personalization, etc.

Learn how a specialty online bookstore can adopt multi-channel marketing automation and omnichannel personalization to re-position itself for growth in a post COVID-19 world.

Episode Transcripts

Huyen Pham(Host):  Hi Everyone listening to this podcast, this is another episode of Marctechno beat podcast and we have here with us today none other than Nguyen Thinh. You can focus today on issues when coming to the role of marketing manager in which direction for the department to bring value and growth strategy throughout the company.

Nguyen Thinh: Cu is certainly coming and going in the future, besides, with the parallel cultural development, I will continue to develop these products, which are also the top favorites of Heaven, I see only about 2 to 3% of users make a purchase in the first 12 days, so it is realizing that the main reason is because there is not enough preparation for the interaction with many hours to focus on CS it will Answer this number to ask first, but it is intended that the film focuses more on customer conversion rates. 

Huyen Pham:  That’s right. So how, depending on how prosperous it is, how businesses need to adapt to this job for working online together without Face to Face together is not a thing that is big for 2sao.com. Therefore, the M points of everyone interacting with each other, there are many consistent things. Besides, nowadays, just like children, focusing on online sales channels.

Nguyen Thinh: Buying and selling and the Government encourage the use of land for this time, so it also tries to not follow the direction of the government, now the side of the dot com also wants to focus as much as possible. 

Huyen Pham:  There is enough supply to serve customers because, during this season, the traffic to the shipping instructions is also affected, but the phase also needs to try to ensure that this is maintained for customers. So, according to Fahasa’s strategic model that has shifted the Focus to online, getting a job when opening me in addition to the job is done at the request of the Government, so I will follow the changes.

Nguyen Thinh: How customers in front of it can clearly see that this item buys online, it is much more than it is 20 to where you only 30% compared with before not knowing It broke out in a startled It was too difficult, it didn’t reduce the happy sign so the car he said he wanted was stable, Not only that but the other guy is also increasing the rain, then personally Thing in particular and fans xa.com In general.

Huyen Pham:  And so, focusing on personal development as well as exploring and adding openings that develop careers also abstain from Vietnamese in using periodic data according to the current world. A lot of people talk about data management and algorithms to come up with specific business strategies.

Nguyen Thinh:  In fact, just using data for the first to improve work efficiency second is to exploit the data sources for the customer. A recession is inevitable where interaction with the customer is possible. After applying the TV to the DC for how many hours, then some of the most important things to note is that my first thing here is like now after I passed the power off from Organic s, everything I do. Now I will use machine tool designs so that I can remove the barriers. So, how many hours is difficult to be able to interact with better types of these cases than I can. Parameters like delivery and to be able to make a better recipe. As for what, I can leave tracking closely when the number is related to the level of my customer, I will get rid of the user. 

Huyen Pham:  According to the data, beauty is an important thing right now, just making them buy the first item can increase their efficiency to give out, then the next thing we want is also. there is a sign of a customer that has built appropriate customer file flags and then a prediction that the user’s customer is staying.

Nguyen Thinh:  Personalization is an experience enhancement, users are very well suited to the present era because they when children in it will be based on the ways in which the properties of the genes are based to be able to analyze and give the closest experience to those behaviors because you have to do it with the convenience of bringing the page bounce rate and then also wish the land If and certain segments will improve the ups of Because the web is a plum tree, they see the product relative to the members on that page when the rate that it will be higher and increase the conversion rate of those but now. The most successful of the user’s personalization will be that the customer will interact with the website more. Like the next higher rate, Please ask more questions about usage on the e-book page in Vietnam. I still care but use it. Thinking about the problem of these two types, it started to go sideways, but if this is a foreign country in Vietnam, it only applies to the book to talk to customers, because now you If there are new visitors, nothing is still done, so the production quality is still there, but it is a bit inferior from the traditional form of heterosexual Vietnamese law up to now. 

Huyen Pham:  How can I say less or less? Paper will be a more self-esteem machine in the future. It is still quite black Balanced. Currently, I am still watching it go. There are always timely preparations for the future if the market changes.

Nguyen Thinh:  If you convert, if you like the top poor matrices to use to measure customer value on the page, you may owe me to look at Bounce rate on Face with the amount of page views for a section, I will see more data on expenses and Excel to pay attention to its possible. can share any more on the road recently has brought good results for the goal of the room is also trying to promote the vision glasses throughout the months of the year when the phase is trying to focus and pressure and banner printing to be able to print as much as possible for customers to bring out the customer experience and thereby boost the off-purchase rate that has had certain successful campaigns. Contribution to revenue growth Over the past few months the issue of Tin Tin

Huyen Pham:  The last important thing of today is how far away you are from being marketed by Open Email. Currently, to be able to turn off listening to Messenger has brought certain values ​​to build the effect of paint to be able to automate the process of approaching customers and motivating them not in the summer. Mom still wants to come back and Viettel

Nguyen Thinh:  At present, to save a lot, focus on if you introduce the short-sighted handicap, then I will share, just find a job with high efficiency using data as well as a power outlet for a company corporation. In terms of e-commerce, the first flag in technology is inevitable and this will increase the business value as well as the long-term strategic investment of the company.

Huyen Pham: Thanks again for joining us, it was a pleasure talking to you!

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