People Benefits

Our People's Benefits

At Netcore, we believe in investing 100% in our employees.

Making Netcore your best working experience ever!

Health and Happiness

Netcore is a family-friendly employer and we extend our care to our people's families back home. We have several policies in place that cover the health issues of our employees and their family members. Our policies are updated or changed as per the changing scenario and requirements.

  • Health insurance and accident benefits
  • Health Camps & Workshops
  • Flexible leave policies for recovery
  • Maternity & paternity leaves

Learning and Development

Nurturing a learning environment for 360 degree growth. We believe helping our people better themselves on the personal and professional front adds immense value. We offer training programs, educational workshops, and mentoring to help Netcorians reach their goals..

  • Learning & Dev programmes
  • Special Sessions & Workshops

Facilities and Activities

Netcore offers an in-house activities & sports club where people can not only de-stress but also demonstrate their talent. We encourage our people to indulge in leisure team activities for de-stressing after a tough day. Our 6:30 club is buzzing with an interesting mix of activities after work every day.

  • Indoor Sports
  • Gym
  • Transportation
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