Netcore Named High Performer in Winter 2020 by G2

Companies need faster and smarter email communication across teams and with customers if they hope to stay nimble and competitive. Assurance of your emails getting delivered most efficiently is of utmost importance to any business.

This is a reason why Netcore’s Email Deliverability product “Pepipost” has been named “High Performer” in Winter 2020 by G2. But we did not stop here – in addition to being the high performer, we also achieved “User Most Likely to be Recommended”, “Easiest to Use”, “Fastest Implementation” and “Easiest Admin”.

Netcore earned these accolades by G2 in its transactional email software category based on inputs from real users. We’re delighted that marketeers using Netcore’s email delivery product at work have rated it exceptionally high for ease of use, fastest implementation and customer support.

We at Netcore truly believe that the value of our products to companies will only expand further. With more pressure on businesses to deliver better and achieve faster, Our AI-based email delivery will be the right fit. It allows businesses to save 50% of the cost on their ESP bills.

Netcore is quite aware that email gets considered as communication only when it is read by the right customer at the right time. Hence, Netcore goes beyond inbox placement rate, lightning-fast delivery of 2.6sec, minimum 15% increase in email open rates for businesses and much more.

Netcore understands that today’s marketeers work against time and cannot afford to shift from one platform to another to avoid downtime, which is why Netcore designed world’s only email switcher for seamlessly replacing any other email delivery system.

This recognition from G2 is incredibly exciting for the Netcore’s team, as it further validates the development of our product, as well as Netcore’s authoritative position in AI-powered Email Solution. We are truely grateful to G2 for helping us connect with our real customers who not only provides amazing reviews and feedbacks to us but also openly vouch for Netcore products. This definitely helps buyers go beyond the conventional choices.

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