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The Technopreneurs, Innovators, Leaders and Pathfinders in Martech
We partner with global and Indian customers in creating long-term marketing performance and customer growth. Our deep expertise spans diverse industries. With a strong legacy of experience in driving marketing transformation success, we help clients achieve measurable marketing ROI.
Rajesh Jain
Rajesh Jain
Founder and Group MD
Rajesh Jain is a serial technology entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India
Kalpit Jain
Group CEO
Under his leadership, Netcore has today developed a global presence in the Martech space through its flagship Marketing Products powered by AI.
Bhavana Jain
Director & Chief Human Resources Officer
Bhavana Jain, an astute & warm personality, leads the organisation as Director & Chief Human Resources Officer of Netcore.
Abithab Bhaskar
CEO - International Business
Abithab is a start-up specialist, strategist and a change agent with over two decades of wide experience and global exposure.
Vishnu Peruvemba
Chief Financial Officer
Vishnu is a seasoned finance professional with an experience spanning 25+ years in the field of Finance.
Bijal Sanghavi
Chief Technology Officer
With over 19+ years of rich industry experience, Bijal’s career has seen him effectively lead high business impact teams across enterprise product companies.
S Balajee
Chief Customer Officer
Balajee he brings with him a rich experience of working with sales, pre-sales, and customer experience, for almost 2 decades.
Kedar Parikh
Group Vice President
Kedar carries extensive experience in Financial services and Mobile domains, now building one of the Biggest Customer Analytics and Engagement Platform
Avadhoot Revankar
Chief Growth Hacker & Product Evangelist
Avadhoot is Netcore’s Chief Growth Hacker & Product Evangelist, carries extensive knowledge in the MARTECH & Mobile Marketing space.
Chaitanya Chinta
Global Head - Email Business
Chaitanya brings in over 14 years of experience in building antispam filters, analytics and deliverability solutions.
Amit Ahuja
Vice President - Sales
As VP of Sales, Amit Ahuja is responsible for driving the companies growth in the areas of Marketing Technology and Conversational AI.
Girish Chaturvedi
Chief Business Officer – Acquisition Business
Girish Chaturvedi is the Chief Business Officer – Acquisition Business, the Mobile Advertising division of Netcore.
Hrishikesh Rajpathak
Chief Data Scientist
With extensive knowledge on Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and AI technologies, he comes with a rich experience of 12 years of working with start-ups.
Santosh Valecha
Global Head - Customer Success
A consultant, sales enthusiast, marketer with a passion for customer gratification and a student of experience best describes Santosh.
Saket Kumar Jha
Chief Revenue Officer - Emerging Markets
He carries in-depth understanding of the Martech space and is passionate about helping brands personalise their engagement .
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