The Ultimate eCommerce Product Recommendation Guide for 2020

The Ultimate eCommerce Product Recommendation Guide for 2020

Why do you need this ebook?

eCommerce platforms don’t have the benefit of a sales assistant who would accompany customers in their shopping journey in the Brick and Mortar stores. And this is indeed one of the biggest challenges that e-commerce platforms face today. The solution to this problem is Product Recommendation that would give your shoppers an experience similar or rather better than shopping in a physical store.

eCommerce platforms need to deliver real-time recommendations to their users. You have to show what is relevant to your customer today and not what was relevant last week. All you need is an omnichannel platform like Netcore to integrate these recommendations. You can pick any recommendation depending upon the stage of the customer journey and make your e-commerce experience a delightful one.

You will learn:

  • What is AI – based Product Recommendation?
  • Benefits of a Product Recommendation Engine
  • Where to Promote Product Recommendations?
  • Future of Product Recommendations
Why Choose Netcore for Personalization
Achieve higher ROI & growth
Algorithms that improve your web & app conversions by predicting & sharing the right products for each customer in real-time
Taking less than fifteen minutes, the platform is built to integrate & scale-up quickly to help you jump right into business
Measure conversion uplifts with advanced A/B testing within 5 weeks of integration
Make shopping easy for your customers by greeting them with personalized boutiques and communications using past data
Unlock unmatched customer experiences,
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