Mobile App User Retention

Mobile App User Retention

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The popular definition of growth is flawed. Growth isn’t just about acquisition. In fact, growth is much more about retention than acquisition. Within 30 days, most mobile apps lose 90% of all their users. This guide to mobile app retention helps you to dramatically improve those numbers for your mobile app. It presents you the concepts, actionable steps, and frameworks to reduce churn and boost customer retention, astronomically.


The effectiveness of growth hacking in app marketing is dwindling!

Over the years, product managers and marketers, like you, have been using this mantra to grow your business: Acquiring more users!

While this mantra may have helped you gain that initial traction for your app business, you may have soon realized that this cannot continue since your user acquisition costs eventually skyrocket, resulting in minimal ROIs.

Key Takeaways
Realign your growth prospects by addressing these points
Defining user retention, retention marketing, and the AARRR model of user retention.
Detailed explanation of time-tested tactics for boosting user retention.
Acquisition vs Retention
Why is Retention Marketing Important?
Unlock unmatched customer experiences,
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