Leveraging Personalization Benefits
Leveraging Personalization Benefits

What Keeps Most Brands From Leveraging Personalization Benefits

Why do you need this ebook?

Almost 90% of Customers prefer brands that offer personalized recommendations. Almost 90% of Marketers say that personalization significantly contributes to profitability.

But still, according to a recent McKinsey  survey, only 15% of CMOs believe that they are on the right track with personalization.

The value and importance of personalization is well-understood by brands but still they aren’t adopting it in full-fledged scale because Personalization is Easier Said Than Done.
While marketers do realize the opportunities and benefits of personalization, they either do it partially, or don’t do it at all owing to many challenges they face.

This e-book is all about those challenges, and how can brands find their way through them to achieve dream business results. Better customer engagement, better retention, better conversion, better acquisition, better revenues, and so on.

In this ebook, we walk you through:

  1. The 10 most common and major personalization challenges that marketers across industries face, in adopting personalization
  2. Implementable ideas to solve these problems, explained in a simple manner

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