11 best practices for a great app onboarding

11 best practices for a great app onboarding

Why do you need this ebook?

A recent Appsflyer report suggests that 53% of users are uninstalled within 30 days of download and 45% of these uninstalls take place within the first 24 hours. One of the many reasons for this is users being unable to find any value within the app. This is where a well-crafted onboarding experience is needed to help users get the most out of the app in the initial interactions itself.
This guide brings together 11 key practices product managers need to follow to deliver a great app onboarding experience and keep users hooked to the app.

This ebook will help you learn:

1. Why app onboarding is critical
2. 11 best practices to ensure an effective onboarding for app users
3. Interesting psychological hacks, models, and frameworks including hooked model, goal gradient effect and others you can implement in your onboarding strategy

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