Vietnam: My Second Home, My Children's First - A Tale of Clyds Pascual's Resilience, and Triumph

From humble beginnings in the Philippines to spearheading Netcore's growth in Vietnam, here's Clyds Pascual, our indefatigable Netcorian. His journey, from overcoming personal adversity to becoming an influential leader in a foreign land, encapsulates true resilience. Clyds, marking his significant tenure with us, remains an inspiring force in our international success narrative.
“I was born and raised in the Philippines. As a child, I found myself good with people. I lived in the city away from my parents to be able to go to school. Like any other kid, I loved making friends. School hence was my happy place. As I grew I honed the dream of donning a white coat and curing people one day"

Turning Point: Discovering a Passion for Technology Amid Struggle

When I grew up I took up my pre-meds, however the expenses took a toll on me. I had to drop out and pursue a full-time job. I've always believed in looking at the lighter side of life. I looked at this as an opportunity for me to do something for my family apart from pursuing something else I could be passionate about. This is when I discovered my love for technology. I have been one of the early adopters of technology in Vietnam back in 2007-08. More on this soon.

Leap from the Philippines to Vietnam: From Foreign Land to Beloved Home

I got married in 2003 and following that, my wife got a job in Vietnam. This led to us moving to this amazing country. At the time, I didn't know Vietnamese. However, I strived hard to learn by taking classes post-work. Over the years, my bond with Vietnam has only deepened. This country, once foreign to me, has become my second home. The vibrant streets, the rich culture, the warm people, and the breathtaking landscapes - I fell in love with it all. And for my children, Vietnam is their first home. They have grown up amidst its beauty and imbibing its culture
Every day in Vietnam is a reminder of the life-changing journey I embarked on years ago. From the bustling streets of the Philippines to the heart of Vietnam, every experience has been a stepping stone toward becoming the person I am today. My love for this country and my family continues to fuel my journey, shaping me both as a person and a professional.

Journey into Entrepreneurship: Risks, Rewards, and Revelations

I explored entrepreneurship thanks to the support of my wife. She was a strong pillar for me, allowing me to take risks and start my own companies. Some of these ventures were successful, bringing great benefits, while others failed, but each provided invaluable lessons. However, my venture shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic, which was a tough time.

Charting new waters, Becoming Netcorian

In 2021, a door opened for me at Netcore Cloud. In any field, particularly in sales, personal interactions are vital. Setting up a business in Vietnam for an Indian company, all while working remotely, was a considerable hurdle. But being a Filipino, resilience is woven into my very fabric. Earlier I had mentioned how I had found passion for technology years ago. Fueled by this fervor for technology and backed by unwavering support from my colleagues at Netcore, I managed to overcome these challenges and chart a course forward.
Approaching my three-year anniversary at Netcore, my passion for the work I do here only continues to grow. My entrepreneurial spirit finds a home in this organization, a place where innovation is welcomed and risk-taking is part of the culture. It's here, at Netcore Cloud, where I get to live my entrepreneurial dreams daily. I look ahead with anticipation and excitement for many more fulfilling years as a dedicated member of the Netcore family.”

Compliance and Recognition Accolades