Analytics & Insights

Visual dashboards for
complex industry-specific use cases

Empower your business teams with actionable, real-time insights
01 Visual Dashboard for Complex Industry
Track all the customer metrics that matter
Understand what your customers are likely to do in
Measure campaign performance

Make the most of your customer data

Track quality of all incoming data

All incoming data is analyzed to ensure that the right data goes into the CDP. The platform provides real-time signals when any anomalous data is ingested.
02 Track quality of all incoming data
03 Gain real time slow moving customer insights

Gain real-time & slow-moving customer insights

Get in-the-moment insights whenever your customer interacts with you across platforms, devices, or channels. Also track historic customer behavior.

Predict customer behavior via out-of-the box ML models

Our pre-configured ML models, embedded in the CDP, help you Identify customer segments that are most likely to transact again or churn in the future.
04 Predict customer behavior via out of the box ML models
05 Visualize performance with customizable dashboards

Visualize performance with customizable dashboards

Track important KPIs relevant to your business, customer acquisition, behavior, product and marketing campaign performance via pre-configured visual dashboards. Build your own custom dashboards with our Dashboard Creator module, on request.

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