Do wonders with Push Notifications!
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Do wonders with Push Notifications!

Published : July 20, 2017

Imagine you visit a shop for the first time, and you are given the most special treatment by the salesperson and the shop owner. They talk to you in extremely polite and friendly manner and offer exclusive discounts and refreshments. Well, all this is to make sure that you have a good experience which would bring you back again to the same shop.

Well, while you are away, what should the shop-owner do to make sure you don’t forget them? Be in touch! Keep sending notifications about new arrivals, sale, festive offers, etc.

Similarly, your customers expect such experience every time they visit your brand property – app, website, etc.

Each time your customer visits your app, it is like she is walking in to your store. Once she downloads the app, it is your goal to keep her engaged, so that she doesn’t drift away. As a brand, you must constantly keep in touch with your customers.  Because I’m sure, you don’t want your customers to uninstall your app. So, connecting with your app users at the right time is very crucial.

Push Notifications are one of the most effective means to connect to your app users. They help you bring your users back to your app, keep them engaged, and improve sales and customer retention.

Here, is how you can make effective use of Push Notifications to stay on the top of your app users’ mind:

  • Welcome Campaigns: Just like greeting people before beginning the conversation sets the right positive tone for the meeting, welcoming your new app users right after they install the app, is something that works like an ice-breaker. Send them a first deal discount, or educate them with how to go about the app, tell them about what products and services you have to offer.
  • Time Sensitive Offers ­: Remember your friend telling you about her endless shopping since there was a sale going on and you feeling sad as you were not aware of it? Push notifications can help you send such time-sensitive offers to your customers lest they should miss them, because push notifications are hard to miss.
  • Thank You Messages: Thank your customers right after they make a purchase, or even if they give you a feedback. It matters, it really does!
  • Recommendations and Updates: Based on your customers’ transactions, you must send suggestions and recommendations. For example, if your customer books a flight, send a notification with some information on best hotels and restaurants in his destination city.

Don’t forget though that you are not supposed to bug your customer 🙂

As app usage is growing, so does the need for you to take advantage of the opportunity that push notifications offer. They are the least interruptive channel of customer engagement and can be used to effectively drive maximum traffic and add value for the user by pushing out useful information. The key is to send relevant and interesting communication, to ensure push notifications do not become intrusive and annoying!

So reap the benefits of Push notifications, and make great customer connects!

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