Why 50,000 Brands use Netcore Email API as their go-to SMTP Server!
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Tanishq Juneja

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Why 50,000 Brands use Netcore Email API as their go-to SMTP Server!

Published : March 2, 2020

Choosing an SMTP server for your brand is like selecting a Superhero. There are so many options. Each one is powerful and each one unique.

By the way, did you find Pepi, our own Email Delivery Superhero in the image above, with his friends and colleagues, where he truly belongs?

So, back to my question – how do you select a superhero?

You can’t choose Hulk to sneak into an office to get you that blue disk from the secret compartment from back of the 3rd drawer in the CEO’s office of the Evil Corp.

You have to assess the right skills and match it with the job. And mind you, every job is unique.

It’s the same with the SMTP options.

We are so very thankful to over 50,000 brands that selected Netcore Email API (formerly Pepipost) as their go-to SMTP server.

Not only trusting us with their email delivery for the most important emails but also showering their love all across the internet. Check some out:

Source: Capterra

This makes Netcore Email API one of the Most Recommended SMTP server in Transactional Email
Delivery Space by G2crowd, the world’s largest software review site.

In Gratitude ??, For the ❤️ of Emails Team Netcore Solutions & Netcore Email API

Also, we messed up at times, so this story also has a confession from us. Wait till the end.

Now back to the good stuff.

Netcore Email API: What is our Philosophy!

Back in 2015, spam issues were the order of the day. It was an epidemic, not sparing even the good senders – the best of senders – had their emails landing in spam more often than not.

Email and SMTP services were a commodity and there were innumerable options to choose from.
Yet no one was addressing these problems together.

“There had to be a better way!”

How can a good email sender deliver their emails to the inbox every time? Without delays? and at doesn’t cost an arm, leg, and a kidney?

We couldn’t find the answer so decided we will become the answer.

We became the SMTP and Email API that the world can rely upon without making a hole in their pocket.

We had some early signs of success – the best kind in fact – customer love.

What our users thought about us back in the days when we started:

Source: G2

PS: Thank you Automotive, you have helped us grow every bit.

What do they think about us now?

Source: Trustpilot

PS: Thanks Nico, We Love you Too.

Netcore Email API: The Strongest SMTP

When we were building Netcore Email API, our singular focus was to give the World the Best SMTP they can use.

We live and die by – getting your emails lightning-fast and in Inbox every time. Every single time.

Netcore Email API is like a postman who delivers your emails. Only on steroids, riding a rocket, powered by superfuel.

Any application in the world that generates the email can integrate with Netcore Email API to send their emails.

Netcore Email API can help any application in this world that generates emails. Simple integration and you’re good to go.

By any application I mean your email marketing tool, a newsletter application, it could be a campaign management tool, a marketing automation tool, a CRM all of these are amazing different applications that have the power to generate or trigger an email.

Since they are great at creating or composing an email they just need a trusted SMTP relay service who can deliver emails in Inbox.

And that is where our secret email delivery Superhero Pepi comes in.

Source: G2

You can send emails from Netcore Email API using SMTP or Email API.
Most people prefer SMTP, due to its simplicity.

So what makes Netcore Email API The Strongest SMTP

Here’s a brief run-through at the points that make us who we are. And allow us to ensure the best email delivery- every time.

Deliver Emails in Less than 5 Seconds

There’s this thing with time-sensitive emails – they are exactly that – time-sensitive. Would you rather receive your OTP on time? Or a delay of 20 seconds work?

At Netcore Email API we deliver all those time-sensitive transactional emails in less than 5 seconds.

How do we ensure that across the globe?

Our SMTP servers are distributed globally in such a way that no matter wherever your application server is located you can find the nearest hub and integrate with the nearest path.

This ensures we receive your emails fast and deliver them even faster.

Source: Trustpilot

Inbox Always

Inbox delivery is Pepi’s Superpower and today Netcore Email API delivers on an average 93% of emails in Inbox, this is extremely good % considering the clutter and raising spammers in the industry.

Let me talk about this separately as deliverability is not just a feature, it’s a product by itself.

Track Emails in Real-Time

Emails delivered in inbox, what next?
Was it opened, not opened, what happened with the email?

Marketers want to know what happens with the emails in near real-time.
At Netcore Email API we track this in real-time, you can check whether your emails are delivered or got bounced. If it is delivered whether it is opened and clicked. An email’s entire journey is available in our live feeds.

Our customers love this feature and I think it is an important feature for any SMTP server out there.

Webhooks – Get notified in real-time

Netcore Email API is integrated with many great email marketing applications. All of them need to know what happens with emails when they are delivered.

We too want to share the same in real-time and hence webhooks.

Webhook is like an HTTP callback that your marketing application, CRM, newsletter application can use to get notified about user activity on the email.

Bounce Forwarding

An important feature for communities and social media enterprises.

When you send an email it gets delivered to ISPs like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.
MSPs check whether this email id exists with them or not and the basis that it might throw a bounce if the recipient address doesn’t exist with them.

There are also cases when the MSP server is busy or the mailbox is overloaded. In all such scenarios, they throw bounces.

All these bounces come to Netcore Email API by default and with the help of bounce forwarding, we can forward them to the sender’s mailbox.

This way if Sender wants to retry delivering an email or if he wants to suppress, both can be done.

Inbound Parsing

Inbound parsing is what gives life to conversations.

Email Sending is one part of it.
What happens when the user replies to your email. That’s the full circle.

Brands should welcome responses with both hands.

Note: In fact, one of the best practice is not to send emails from [email protected]

Welcoming responses from your users is incredible for a good reputation and also great inbox delivery.

With inbound parsing, you can process incoming emails.

For this primarily you have to set up the MX record of the “sender domain” pointing to the Netcore Email API mail server.
Once the setting is done, all replies on the outgoing emails will come directly to the Netcore Email API mail server.
Then we convert each email to a JSON, this complete JSON package will then be posted on your webhook URL.
Inbound parsing is an on-demand feature.
We soon intend to make it available to others too on our Self-serve platform.

Send Time Optimisation

Send your emails when there is a maximum possibility of engagement with your users.
Yes this is possible

You can send an email using Send Time Optimisation and remove the guesswork out of your sending equation.

Basically, Send time enables to know what time your users have engaged with you in the past and the basis that one can optimize their email sending using this feature.

This is more of a campaign feature and seldom provided by your SMTP server.

Netcore Email API provides this feature to large or enterprise senders only. This is a very exciting feature to improve enhance engagement.

We soon intend to make it available to others too on our Self-serve platform.

Security and Privacy

Netcore Email API secures the sending of your emails in 2 ways.

First all outbound emails we receive while sending they are encrypted using TLS
Hence all emails when leaving our SMTP servers are encrypted while in transit to their destination Gmail, Yahoo, etc addresses.

Netcore Email API also doesn’t store content so when we receive your email it is transient and delivered immediately without any hop.

Optional encryption of Personal Information, this feature is on-demand and works for only customers who seek it.

Netcore Email API is also GDPR compliant.

What is your Superpower Again? I Inbox Every time

Remember the scene in Justice League where Barry (Flash) asks Bruce (Batman) what are your Superpowers again?

Bruce looks into his eyes, and with a sum total of all the confidence in the world, says, “I’m rich.”

That happened with our ‘Secret Email Delivery Superhero’ Pepi as well. And Pepi with all the confidence in the email universe answered,

“I Inbox Every Time”

Source: Trustpilot

How do we do the Magic of Great Email Deliverability?

Imagine you write the best email in the world and it doesn’t reach the inbox. The hours of work you put into the email, not just the hours but the blood, sweat, and copywriting you put into it – all gone down the drain.

There is only one place a great email belongs – the inbox.

And that’s our mission.

Netcore Email API has a robust infrastructure and a dedicated deliverability team with an unmatched experience and a deep expertise in getting your emails landing in the inbox.

To be able to inbox consistently from Netcore Email API what do we do?

Our infra reputation is always at the peak and we’re proud of it.

We have a zero-tolerance policy towards spammers.

We are damn serious about this one. In fact, to be completely candid, we end up not offering our services to more than 50% of the users who signup.

The reason is simple. They don’t meet our AUP and compliance.
Our gatekeepers ensure that we don’t have any bad domain who can corrupt or make a dent to our infra’s reputation.

Building a good reputation is incredibly hard. It is built over a long period of time by following all good practices, not just by us but also by our customers. It’s a mutual journey and hence we ensure we consistently educate our customers on best email delivery practices.

You can’t go to a shop or mall to buy a good reputation. Money can’t buy infra reputation and hence we believe it’s magical to consistently stay at the peak of infra reputation.

There are so many factors that lead to great email deliverability,
In fact, we have done a complete Webinar on this

You can check that here – The Science of Email Inboxing

Good Email Senders call us Robinhood

“Who wants a Cynic who knows the price of everything and value of nothing” Oscar Wilde

When we built Netcore Email API we wanted to ensure we solve 3 problems and one of them is the Great SMTP server at the most affordable price.

Did we achieve that?
Well, I’m not sure yet but Netcore Email API is 50% less expensive than Top 3 SMTP servers in the World.

Let’s see what our customers have to say about it?

Good Email Senders call us Robinhood not because we are stealing from Rich and giving to poor but Netcore Email API is able to give rich deliverability, rich support and customer success without making a hole in their pocket.

PS: We love talking to our Customers

At Netcore Email API we love talking to our customers and we never differentiate against paid or free customers.
We have had a free live chat since day 1 for all. It’s been 4+ years and we still have that.

I personally love to find time to chat with our prospects and customers and see the same enthusiasm in our teams.

This brings huge learning to us.

Source: Capterra

We are able to build our roadmap because of our customer interaction, we are able to get more customers because of our customer interaction.

We love what we have built and thanks to our customers who taught us how to improve every day.

3 Things Which Only Netcore Email API Does

There is always something that you do differently than many others.

There is something unique about Netcore Email API and what we do that differentiates us.

Of course, we take email deliverability very seriously than others but that is not where we stop.
There is a combination of things which makes us better every day at what we do:

Impartial Live chat support 24/7 to all, to even free users

Business is not just about making money.

At Netcore Email API we believe in helping the email senders and building a community.

One of the ways we support this mission is by ensuring we give impartial support to all, we don’t differentiate between paid and free users.

Both have equal access to our live chat support which is 24/7

Miraculous Inboxing without making a hole in your pocket

Delivering your emails to the inbox every single time is what brings us together every day.

It’s not easy with all the clutter in the mailbox every minute.

What is the most difficult is giving you great deliverability at the most affordable price!

Netcore Email API is one of the most affordable SMTP servers in the industry

We are 50% cheaper than some of the globally known ESPs like Sendgrid, Mailgun, and Sparkpost.

Our infrastructure is Optimised for your email delivery success without acting pricey.

We feel very happy that we have saved a huge sum of money for our senders who have migrated to Netcore Email API in the search of Good Deliverability, Affordability and always on Support.

TL;DR: Gimme the Confession Already!

Short Answer: We stopped the Opens Free Policy.

Long Answer: Our goal when we started Netcore Email API was to help every good email sender to reach inbox and give them a powerful SMTP server and Email API.

And a great delivery coupled with a reliable sender brand and genuinely helpful content is basically ‘good email marketing’, and we are all for getting the world to ‘good email marketing’.

To reward our senders for being good at email marketing, we started one-of-a-kind pricing for our users – we didn’t charge our users for the emails that were opened by the end-user.

‘We never charged our users for the email which was opened.’

So our pricing model meant you will only pay us for the emails which are delivered and not opened.

This helped us get a lot of love from the industry for its one of its kind pricing models.

We wanted to re-invest a lot of money back in the infrastructure to make it more AI-ready and also could give much better deliverability.

We knew if we discontinue opens free we can use that money to invest back.

We proposed the same to our users in 2017 and we were overwhelmed by the love and positive responses.

We assembled our courage and discontinued our “Opens Free Policy” for the overall good.
Heartbreaking, but you have to do things for the greater good. 🙂

Thanks for being with me till my confession and the journey of Netcore Email API.

It has been an overwhelmingly fulfilling and rewarding journey for the entire team.

Our mission remains the same, our troop goes on to get bigger. Here’s to Faster deliverability, Cheaper price and Better Support.

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