Travel and Hospitality Industry – Cases where Browser Push Notifications Work the Best!
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Ritu Poddar
Ritu Poddar

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Travel and Hospitality Industry – Cases where Browser Push Notifications Work the Best!

Published : September 22, 2017

There was a time when vacations were meant for summer holidays only. But no more. There are weekend getaways and long weekend destinations. Travelling is a growing craze now. Thanks to the rise in number of affordable flights, economical stay, travel planners and travel websites – one of the most popular hobbies for the privileged millennials is travelling. I am not mentioning other types of travel like businesses, family visits, etc. which forms another major chunk of the travel industry.

It is all about supply and demand. Since there are so many takers, there are scores of givers (read travel companies) too. There are scores of travel and hospitality companies that offer services and products. The highly dynamic nature of travel industry requires marketers to be on their toes to ensure they are right there whenever a customer is inclined to make a booking.

Delivering the right content at the right time is the most important formula to thrive in the travel business. And today, the one channel that offers instant delivery, high personalization, immense customisation, and definite results, is Browser Push Notifications. Many industries are adopting this channel quite fast, as a smart marketing tactic.

While we have been sharing about how rich and powerful Browser Push Notifications are, we thought we will try to list certain situations in the travel and hospitality business, when you could use this channel to achieve amazing results!

  1. Nudge your customers to make final purchases – Well, thanks to the price fluctuations, most people drop at the last stage of booking. May be with the hope of a price dip in sometime, or they aren’t too sure of the travel, or maybe they haven’t got their leaves approved! But in situations like these, when your customers are just a few clicks away from making the final purchase, all they need is a slight nudge. And nothing works better than a personalised notification that pops up and fills them with the excitement of travel. In marketers’ language, Drive Conversions.
  2. Keep inspiring them to travel more – It is like planting the seed of travel ideas. Just like many of us end up buying things we don’t need but ecommerce sites recommend it for great deals, travel is also about recommendations. When it comes to online travel businesses, not all visitors are customers, some of them need to be nurtured, and one way to do so is via recommendations. Provide value to the consumers by sharing a link to an article on top 10 destinations or any other article that might interest them. Once you know what makes them click or convert, you can share the exact content. In marketers’ language, it would be customer engagement, lead nurturing, and increase the customer lifetime value by recommendations.
  3. Help them plan the travel – If the traveller has gone ahead and booked his flights on your website, doesn’t mean your job ends there. If you also book hotels or bus tours online, perhaps send a message regarding that. Why not share content around the hottest eateries or the most popular places to see in the city that the customer is travelling to? Suggest good hotels for stay. Browser push notifications can be used to share extremely personalised information. Help the traveller in his planning. Cross sell and up sell
  4. Entice them to avail offers – Offers always facilitate binge buying. Rewarding loyal customers with special offers, offering discounts and deals in holiday seasons, customised packages, free points and coupons, etc. are ways to entice your visitors and customers, and make them feel special. For delivering content of this kind, browser push notifications have proved to bring great click through rates, and hence better results. So, engage your customers and nurture relationships.
  5. Ask for their reviews and feedback- Good or bad – feedback matters. That is how any organisation grows, especially the travel and hospitality industry, as it is increasingly becoming a review-driven business. Be it selecting a holiday location, a fine dine restaurant in a tourist place, or accommodation, travellers rely more on reviews and feedback by people, than on anything else. No other channel can garner feedback faster than browser push notifications. And seeking reviews and feedback is the best way a marketer can build customers trust.
  6. Send them reminders, updates and alerts – Promptly sending reminders about flight timings, travel dates, change in prices, the launch of new services, makes the users feel cared for. Though other channels like email and SMS are also required to send this type of information, but when it comes to catching immediate attention, nothing beats browser push notifications. In marketing terms, it is achieving high Brand Recall, delivering great Customer Experience.

Browser Push notifications can easily guide your viewers towards the end of the conversion funnel by helping them not only plan the trip and delighting them with relevant information and tips, but also inducing new travel goals and ideas, smartly.

Our very own full-stack, omni-channel marketing automation solution – Netcore Smartech, offers rich and powerful browser push notifications. Combined with the power of unified view of contacts and marketing automation, personalised browser notifications can bring amazing returns.

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