When To & Not To Use Emojis In Email Marketing
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When To & Not To Use Emojis In Email Marketing

Published : August 31, 2020
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In this article, we will be talking about the do’s and don’t of using emojis in your email marketing campaign. We have seen email campaigns make and break because of the use of emojis in subject lines. So, in order to avoid blunders, let talk about when and how to use emojis in the subject line to get the most our of your email marketing campaigns

Email marketing has topped the strategies to retain customers. According to VentureBeat Insight’s studies, online businesses using digital channels earn an average of $38 for every $1 invested. Have you ever wondered how many emails got opened? The average open rate was around 22% in 2019. This result shows that email marketers lose massive ROI (Return on Investment).

So, how to increase the open rate? The answer is simple yet effective! There is no rocket-science for it – your email marketing strategy needs some potent weapons such as ‘Personalization and Essential Subject Lines.’

Strategies and new tools are being introduced for better, and they are even skyrocketing conversions. With these new advancements in email marketing comes the tools that give an appealing look to your email, and that is Emojis.

Emojis In Email Marketing

There are more than 3,300 emojis available in 2020. Almost all the top social media platforms, i.e., Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter communities are using it and shifting to email communication.

Emojis are conspicuous to eyes. They are also considered fun for e-commerce businesses, and in emails, they make the content stand out in a packed or stuffed inbox. They also help in establishing a healthier connection with the customers.

According to Litmus, emojis used in subject lines can boost the ROI to 10% – 15%. Obviously, these numbers are massive, and you would definitely like to add some emojis to your email for an extra boost.

Are you aware of the fact that around 92% of internet users use emojis daily during interactions? I took a deep dive and found out why brands are so fond of using emojis. The reason is that emojis are great for marketing as they can break the language barriers. Another exciting fact is that they hold the same message in different languages.

While talking about email marketing, one important thing is the use of the subject line. Just look at the attachment below and answer which of the subject line was first to captivate you? Obviously, the ones with an emoji.


Effective Use of Emojis in Email Marketing (Dos and Don’ts)

The right metrics for your email marketing will get you the desired level of success. The use of emojis in email marketing has certain dos and don’ts. Some of them are mentioned below;

1. Use Emojis That Fits Your Brand

Every brand has a particular tone. Email marketers must make sure what their brand tone is and what perfectly fits with the brand. The emojis you are using in the email marketing must go hand-in-hand with the brand’s right demographic. Generally, marketing emails are sent regularly, and the essential technique is to match the overall tone you convey in your day-to-day business activity.

For instance, if your business provides men’s watches and women’s’ shoes in their 30s, emojis is the answer that will likely capture more customers.

2. Perspective Of Segmented Audience

The most important part before sending emails with emojis is to segment the audience as most clients don’t prefer emojis in the emails. Some platforms such as Outlook 2003, etc. don’t support emojis.

Segmenting your audience will give you an overview as to when you should use emojis and when you should not. With this breakdown of your audience, you can see the location, gender, age, preferences, and other properties before sending it. After segmenting, you can see what your audience is looking for! Now determine what you offer. For instance, if you provide childcare services or travel guides, then use emojis accordingly.

3. Emojis On Different Devices


Your brands have diversified customers – those who use different devices and platforms to view their emails. So, it is important to consider how emojis display and work on different devices and operating systems. The fact is that the emoji you used at one platform may not appear the same on the other platform. For instance, the emoji used on Gmail may view differently on Yahoo, iOs, web browsers, and Android.

4. Don’t Stuff Your Emails

When I say use emojis, please don’t take it wrong and stuff your emails with emojis. The subject lines and email bodies have to be simple and with a little emojis where needed. Overplaying and stuffing would get you negative remarks. It is quite tempting to fall into the trap of emoji stuffing, as this practice is unhealthy for your email marketing strategy.

5. Reject Emojis If You Have A Serious Brand Voice

As discussed above, you should segment your audience. After knowing your audience, make sure to use the emojis, which they like to see in subject lines, bodies, etc. Determine and know your brand’s voice. Emojis are not for every brand – brands have different tone and nature. By not determining, you can affect your brand reputation negatively.

6. Always Consider The Context

I understand that emojis look eye-grabbing in subject lines, pre-header, and bodies, but always try to use them for a substantial purpose. Remember one thing that emojis are no substitute for the words but rather supplement to the place. Emojis have to be with the perfect fitting for the context. Emojis can only look friendly and compelling if they are used after the right determination.

7. Test And Practice

The right practice before delivering has always been testing. Evaluating and determining if the emojis that you used are displaying the way you want them to be. Check for the appearance of emojis on different browsers and devices. By doing this, you can understand how your target audience is responding.

There are tens of thousands of students looking for writing services, i.e., do my assignment, etc. You can captivate them by using the correct educational emojis in your emails.

8. Never Misinterpret

Risking any misinterpretations of the emojis can lead to something unwanted and unproductive for your email marketing. We get confused and often misinterpret the use, which creates a gap in communication with people we are doing business with. The misinterpretation and wrong delivery can result in negative feedback.

The Perks of Using Emojis in Emails

Some perks that you get when you use emojis in emails:

1. Excels Brand Awareness


Being noticed in an inbox can increase brand awareness. If you’re sending an email with a prominent brand name with emoji in the subject line, it can influence the buying decision. For instance, if you provide the best essay writing service, then brand awareness is paramount for capturing more audience. Using the right amount of emojis can help you climb the ladder!

2. Enable More Space

As most people view emails at their mobile phone devices – it is vital to use the subject lines with fewer characters and more delivery power.  The use of emojis gets you space and gives a compact look to your email.

3. Productive Email Open Rate

According to FulcrumTech, their newsletter has a 3.29% higher open rate when presents with an emoji in the subject line. Emojis are considered the best source for increasing the open rate. The best place to use emojis in emails is the subject line, as it gives a better view and creates a chance that the email will be opened.

Bottom Line

Emojis give a living experience to your email marketing. It makes your email stand out in the crowded and loaded inbox. But, surely, there are some dos and don’ts you have to consider before putting them into a roll.

Learning the dos and don’ts will help you reach the new heights of success in email marketing.

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