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WhatsApp The Super App – Now With Rich Media Notifications

Published : June 2, 2020

Remember the Matrix movie series where all the machines were automated and humans had to just plug themselves in? As far-fetched as it seemed, we are beginning to see automation in our everyday lives and cannot help but imagine if it could become all-consuming one fine day.

As scary as that sounds, our smartphones have become utterly indispensable during the COVID-19 lockdown and we have found solace with the ever-engaging WhatsApp Messenger, our savior ‘Neo’.

As of Feb 2020, WhatsApp Messenger had 2 Billion users worldwide, with 400 million official users in India alone. While WhatsApp already boasted of an impressive engagement rate, our reliance on this app has increased massively as we look to leverage it to transact with even local businesses like grocery stores while practicing social distancing during the post-COVID era.

For all micro, medium and large enterprises, the WhatsApp Business app and WhatsApp API are viable options today. With the arrival of rich media notifications, WhatsApp can be a game changer for brands looking to get a bigger piece of the pie in the engagement economy.

Engage With Your Customers Better Using Rich Media Notifications

While WhatsApp does not allow any promotional messages on its platform, brands can still leverage rich media capabilities in innovative ways to give their customers a sublime experience.

A normal WhatsApp notification looks like this:

Rich media notifications look like these:

They can have clickable call to actions:

However, at present their use cases are restricted to the following scenarios:

WhatsApp rich media notifications can be used by industries like:

  • Banking and financial services

Customers who have opted into the service can receive a variety of transactional and account related notifications. CTA’s can be added for customers to seek more details about their account updates. Banking operations can become truly effortless for customers with rich media notifications.

  • Education technology, MOOCs and e-learning platforms

These platforms can use notifications to enable users to view their score cards, certificates and even refer fellow learners.

  • Media and OTT streaming platforms

Users can receive transactional notifications customized to their persona or subscription plan in the form of GIFs or videos too.

  • Logistics and supply chain solutions

Users can receive tracking details and dynamic updates if opted into the service.

  • E-commerce

These platforms can use rich media notifications for their customers to track shipments & get personalized feedback.

  • Travel & event booking platforms

These platforms can amplify customer’s convenience by delivering tickets with scannable code directly to WhatsApp Messenger.

  • Retail

As contactless deliveries & takeaways become common practices for customers, retail players can add an additional layer of convenience with WhatsApp notifications. They can also facilitate online transactions with the help of WhatsApp notifications.

Digital Transformation In The Retail Industry

Advantages of Rich Media Notifications

  • Call-to-Actions help drive quick and easy customer query resolutions
  • Users can enjoy the convenience of not having to leave the WhatsApp ecosystem
  • WhatsApp is a trusted platform for users to transact with businesses around the globe
  • The user experience on the app is simple and engaging
  • Less intrusive and no spam messages by brands
  • Integration with analytics and major backend systems including Customer Relationship Management for better personalization

WhatsApp notifications can be the next best thing forward for brands looking to build meaningful and engaging relationships with their most loyal customers. Get in touch with us to learn more!

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