The Smartech Web Message Module: 3 Powerful Customer Success Stories
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Pradyut Hande

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The Smartech Web Message Module: 3 Powerful Customer Success Stories

Published : September 26, 2019

As a marketer, your eternal challenge is to get the 4Rs spot on; i.e. delivering the right content to the right customer through the right channel, at just the right time.

This challenge assumes even greater magnitude for digital marketers like you, looking to maximise the traffic coming to your websites. Set in this backdrop, web messages can be a powerful onsite marketing channel to increase subscribers, shorten paths to conversion, and drive higher revenues.

In order to help you elevate your website engagement game, we had recently upgraded our web message module to provide you with a best-in-class offering. Over the past few weeks, our highly intuitive UX and advanced customizable features are already empowering leading brands to solve diverse use cases and uplift their marketing ROI.

Here are 3 brands that have leveraged the power of Smartech’s web message module to boost their business metrics:

  1. fbb online

    Industry:Online fashion (e-commerce)

    About the Brand: Part of the Future Group, fbb online is an online retail platform that offers trendy apparel to men, women, and children across India’s metropolitan and Tier-II/III cities. It is their mission “to provide stylish quality fashion at pocket-friendly prices”.

    Challenges: In the absence of data-driven visibility on their digital customer journeys towards conversion, fbb online was:
    • Unable to get first-time website visitors to complete registration; thereby, failing to increase their subscription base
    • Unable to monetise a majority of the traffic landing on their website, despite the quantum of traffic generated. This directly impacted their conversion rates
      By harnessing Smartech’s new web message module, fbb online was able to:
    • Deploy an engaging web message campaign on high traffic website pages, targeted at first-time visitors
    • Incentivise greater registrations by offering a clearly visible promo code on the web message


       This particular campaign, crafted and delivered through Smartech’s advanced web message module, has helped fbb online to:
    • Increase the number of subscribers. In fact, ~55% of all new subscriptions can be attributed to this ongoing campaign. This uplift in the number of subscribers lays the foundation for orchestrating more personalised and contextualised web-based customer journeys
    • Boost their conversion rate by 2X!To learn just how else fbb online effectively leveraged dynamic cross-channel marketing automation through Smartech, check out the detailed success story here.

      Smart Tip: As a data-driven marketer, you need to constantly experiment with different templates, messaging, creatives, and CTAs to hit upon the most effective web message variant.

      A/B testing your web messages, depending upon the use case you’re looking to address, will help you optimise your campaign performance consistently.
  2. Patanjali Ayurved

    Industry: FMCG (e-commerce)

    About the Brand: Valued at over $470 million, Patanjali Ayurved is an FMCG company that manufactures and distributes herbal and mineral products in the food, cosmetics, and ayurvedic medicinal segments.

    In addition to the 4500+ physical retail outlets, their e-commerce platform caters to growing demand for such products across India.

    Challenges: Patanjali’s digital marketing team faced stumbling blocks that are common to many e-commerce websites, despite the high volume of traffic generated. These included:
    • Getting first-time website visitors to complete the registration process in order to increase their subscriber base; i.e. lead generation
    • Driving higher conversions, in terms of completed transactions
      To address Patanjali’s pain points, Smartech helped them devise a high-impact lead generation strategy, spearheaded by the effective use of web messages. By embracing such a strategy, Patanjali was able to:
    • Run 2 separate web message campaigns to drive higher subscriptions by capturing their contact details and interest in receiving future communication regarding trending offers and deals. This was run over a course of 4 months and deployed on high traffic website pages
    • Lay a solid foundation for conceptualising and delivering highly personalised and contextualised multi-channel campaigns in the future, based on the contact details collected through the lead generation campaign

       Both these campaigns garnered over 300,000 views and have helped Patanjali’s e-commerce platform to:
    • Produce a combined CTR of over 2.3%, considered to be exceptional for an e-commerce platform
    • Generate over 6500 leads (over a span of 4 months) 
      Smart Tip: For an e-commerce or travel platform, maximising micro-moments that visitors or registered customers spend on the website is critical to monetisation. You can now make every such moment count through activity-driven triggered web message campaigns.

      What does this mean?

      For instance, if a customer happens to add items to his/her cart but is delaying purchase by browsing other website pages, he/she has a high probability of leaving the website without completing the purchase.

      Avoid a potential cart abandonment event and re-engage such a customer with a contextualised web message relevant to those items added to his/her cart. You can incentivise purchase by offering a discount or a sense of FOMO by communicating scarcity. Mind you – such campaigns can be triggered within a time interval of your choice.
  3. The Star Online

    Industry: Media & Entertainment

    About the Brand: The Star Online is the website, mobile site, or mobile app equivalent of The Star, which is the largest English newspaper in Malaysia (in terms of circulation). The Star Online strives “to provide readers with up to date breaking news, compelling content, and insightful opinions”.

    Their content includes a steady balance of current news, business, sports, community, technology, lifestyle, and world news – continuing to cater to the changing content consumption trends of an increasingly English-speaking and mobile target audience.

    Challenges: With over 67% of readers accessing their content on a mobile or tablet device, The Star Online soon realised that they had to:
    • Divert content consumption on their mobile site to their mobile app, to take advantage of increasing internet and smartphone penetration in Malaysia
    • Increase app installs organically, instead of traditionally relying on high digital ad spends as a source of user acquisition

      Solution: To maximise organic app installs, The Star Online turned to Smartech’s advanced web message module. And, effective customer segmentation is the key to successful customer engagement.

      For this reason, the customised engagement programme was divided into 3 intra-day time slots: Morning, Afternoon & Evening, and Night, each with different campaign messaging. These campaigns were targeted only at serious readers:

    • Morning Readers (6AM – 10AM): This onsite campaign was crafted to engage with those serious readers that accessed The Star Online mobile site in the morning as a matter of habit; mostly on the way to work

    • Afternoon & Evening Readers (10AM – 8PM): This web message campaign was targeted at those serious readers who preferred to consume news at a time of their convenience, highlighting how they would enjoy a better reading experience directly on the mobile app instead

    • Night Readers (8PM – 6AM): This web message campaign highlighted a mobile app feature that would reduce the strain on night-time readers, if they accessed the same content on the app instead. This customer segment usually reads late into the night having to deal with the glare off their smartphone screens


      Results: The time and activity-driven automated web message campaigns helped The Star Online to:
    • Generate 17 million views
    • Uplift first-time app users by 64%
      Get more details on how Smartech helped Malaysia’s leading English newspaper ramp up their organic app installs right here.

      Smart Tip: While crafting your web message on Smartech, you can now use the Live Preview feature to experience just how the web message will look on your website, in real-time!

      You can preview the position of the message, custom overlay, animations, etc. and make edits on-the-fly.

      Web Messages for the Win!

      This is just a small sample size of brands, across industries, that are solving diverse use cases through Smartech’s new web message module.

      To remain one step ahead of your competition and maximise your marketing ROI, you need a reliable and flexible onsite customer engagement channel for your website and mobile site. With Smartech, you can do all that and more, at scale.

      Get in touch today to learn how you can elevate your digital business KPIs while uplifting personalised customer engagement, monetisation, and retention!

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