How Inbox Commerce brings the ultimate convenience to the re-commerce industry
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How Inbox Commerce brings the ultimate convenience to the re-commerce industry

Published : February 28, 2024

The business of buying and selling used goods online has been around for some time. Notable pioneers were eBay (1995), Craig’s List (1999), Etsy (2005), and ThredUp (2006), to name a few. The Great Recession in 2008 fueled interest in secondhand goods, driving further growth in such platforms.

The term ‘re-commerce’ (originating from the concept of reverse commerce) gained traction in the 2010s.  Frequent usage in media, industry reports, and marketing campaigns solidified the term.

Cut to the present, estimates suggest the global market size of re-commerce willreach $245 billion by 2030. There are three reasons why the re-commerce industry is growing at a rapid pace: conscious consumers, technology boom, and shifting values.

People are increasingly looking for sustainable options and ways to save money amidst rising costs; it makes pre-owned goods more appealing. Easy-to-use re-commerce platforms boost confidence and convenience, attracting more sellers and buyers. Younger generations embrace pre-owned items as a fashion statement and a way to stand out, powering the industry’s growth.

As the industry expands, it will be challenging for individual re-commerce brands to stand out, gather leads, engage, and convert. Conventional tactics may not deliver the expected results since winning in the re-commerce landscape requires clear brand differentiation and hyper-targeted marketing.

The re-commerce industry needs an innovation that tackles these challenges head-on, effectively connects people and products, and taps into the growing demand for convenient and cost-effective shopping.

Enter Inbox Commerce.

This innovative advancement in martech is about interacting and engaging customers without overwhelming them. It empowers brands to meet customers in their preferred channels (RCS, WhatsApp, and email) and offer them a website or app-like experience without exiting the message.

Let’s understand the inherent convenience of Inbox Commerce and how it can help re-commerce brands expand.

What is Inbox Commerce?

Inbox Commerce is the practice of marketing products/services, innovatively engaging with customers, and conducting transactions right inside RCS, WhatsApp, and AMP-powered emails.

This approach simplifies the shopping experience and makes it ultra-convenient for users to interact with brands. They can instantly buy products/services within the message – without redirects to websites or apps.

Messages empowered with Inbox Commerce let users experience website or app-like features without visiting a website or app.

The success of Inbox Commerce results from three technologies: RCS (Rich Communication Services), WhatsApp Business, and AMP for email. Together, they form the foundation of Inbox Commerce and have become the most innovative tech combo in marketing.

Here are a few proven use cases of Inbox Commerce that can drive engagement and conversion in the re-commerce industry.

Showcase the entire catalog in a single AMP email

Users no longer have to digitally schlep through multiple web pages or app screens to find recycled/reusable items. A brand can embed its entire product catalog inside a dynamic AMP email, complete with images, GIFs, and videos to give 360-degree product information. Users can also get all the information they need about the product price, past ownership, and current condition.

AMP allows embedding an in-email search bar so customers can easily look for what they want. Empower the search bar with AI, and users get suggestions and recommendations based on their search history and purchase patterns.

Announce new products via WhatsApp

Most pre-owned items are exclusive in the sense that not too many of the same ones are available simultaneously. So, if a particularly desirable product has just become available, drop a quick WhatsApp message to your customers. WhatsApp Business allows images, videos, GIFs, and even catalogs.

Users can view, select, and buy the items directly from the WhatsApp message since it also integrates with payment portals like PayPal, RazorPay, and many more.

Spread the benefits of re-commerce on RCS

If you work for an eCommerce brand that has recently stepped into the re-commerce game, this tactic is perfect for you. Your current customers and newsletter subscribers may not know why re-commerce is beneficial (good for the planet and saves them money). You, the re-commerce brand, can help them discover these reasons.

RCS allows you to send stylized text with images, illustrations, and GIFs. Use these elements to inform people about what they stand to gain by considering pre-owned items. You can send extensive information because RCS allows you to place content under collapse/expand headers (like a hamburger menu of FAQs) – you can fit in a lot of information without making the message crowded or clunky.

Reward customers with instant discounts on WhatsApp

Your re-commerce customers love discounts, promo codes, and sales as much as anyone else, if not more. For a lot of people, getting something they want while paying 30% less makes for a pretty great day.

Delight loyal customers by sending surprise discounts and promo codes they can redeem via WhatsApp. They can simply open the message, make a few clicks, and get delivery confirmation on their new acquisition.

Use AMP emails to make selling as easy as buying

For re-commerce brands, success is as much about finding great items to sell as selling them. If customers want to sell something they own, they should ideally look to the same brand they use to buy pre-owned things.

Depending on your business model, you can enable users to place their items on the market by opening a single email. They can upload images with product details and send them for verification. Quick communication via an in-email chatbot can clarify any remaining questions, and voila! the piece is ready for sale on your platform, thanks to one AMP email.

Create repeat customers with hyper-personalization via WhatsApp

Marketing studies have shown that 61% of people expect brands to tailor experiences based on their preferences, which is all the more true for re-commerce. Inbox Commerce, in particular, is designed for enhanced personalization outreach by marketers.

Of course, re-commerce marketers should mine data around customer preferences based on their actions on a brand’s website/app, such as browsing behavior, search patterns, posting product questions, wish lists, purchase history, etc.

WhatsApp Business is also ideal for talking to customers directly to understand what they like and want. It is as simple as texting users with a few short questions, just as you would with a friend on WhatsApp. Brands can even send in-message forms and surveys so that customers can quickly and conveniently share their opinions, likes, and dislikes without having to visit a web page or third-party survey site.

Help the planet? Save money? Be cool? Sure, just align your re-commerce business with Inbox Commerce.

Inbox Commerce brings a unique blend of convenience and novelty to every user’s re-commerce experience. It helps brands go forth and meet users where they are – in their SMS, WhatsApp, and email inboxes. By reducing user effort significantly and bringing the conveniences of websites and apps to their inboxes, Inbox Commerce changes the re-commerce marketing game entirely.

There’s a lot you can achieve by adopting Inbox Commerce, trust us. Let’s talk about leaving the competition behind with innovative and profitable marketing. Connect with us to understand how you can benefit from our expertise and experience.

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