Transactional Emailing: In-house or Professionally Managed Services?
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Transactional Emailing: In-house or Professionally Managed Services?

Published : July 11, 2017

In addition to enhancing customer experience, the single biggest benefit of transactional emails is the platform they provide for cross-selling and up-selling. Juxtapose this with research that shows almost 25% of transactional emails triggered by the system do not reach the inboxes of targeted recipients. And you will agree it’s crucial for an enterprise to not just send the mails but also monitor and manage the transactional email process consistently to identify key issues like bounces, complaints, unsubscribes, and opens/clicks.

In-House or Professionally Managed System

Now, considering the huge potential for revenue growth of these emails, organisations need to decide whether they want to manage the transactional email processes in-house or opt for a professionally managed system that will take care of all the hassles and guarantee results. There are multiple factors that you need to consider before finalising on the path you want to take.

Inbox Success Rate: A substantial percentage of transactional emails do not reach the inboxes of the customers and prospects. When an enterprise manages the transactional email process internally, it has to explore avenues to increase the inbox success rate. But a professionally managed system has inbox success rate built in as a core functionality.

Robust Infrastructure: When an organization decides to manage the transactional email process in-house, it has to build and maintain a robust infrastructure with dedicated IPs and deploy skilled professionals to manage it. This huge investment in terms of time and money can be avoided by outsourcing the entire process to professionals whose core competency is transactional emailing.

Data Security: Many enterprises prefer managing transactional email processes internally to keep sensitive customer data and information secure. However, a business can still outsource the process to a reliable partner without compromising on the data security. Reputed service providers use certified global data centres to optimize transactional emailing process with no risks of data breach.

Scalability: Transactional email systems need to be scalable and keep expanding to accommodate growing email volume. Often enterprises find it challenging to scale up smoothly despite their best intentions. Professionally managed services can come to the rescue here.

Performance Monitoring and Tracking: To reap the full benefit of the transactional emailing system, enterprises must measure, monitor and analyse their processes. If managing in-house, this implies a large investment in the right people and the right technology. However, professionally managed services get rid of this extra investment and make life simpler with a range of services including detailed reports and analyses.

While the significance of an efficient transactional emailing system is now recognised by most organisations, there is a lack of awareness on the right way to do it. Given the array of benefits a professionally managed system offers, it might be a wise move to outsource this crucial function.

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