Top 25 WordPress Email Plugins in 2020
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Top 25 WordPress Email Plugins in 2020

Published : January 6, 2020

If you own a business with a website, your first goal would be to grow your reach of the website visitors. For businesses across industries, sending out an email becomes essential. It helps in optimizing the content strategy reaching the target audience as well as helps in distributing your content well. And it is especially easy when you use a WordPress website, it seems just as simple as integrating a simple WP SMTP Plugin. So think about it, you have content on your WordPress blog and you want to grow your business through it. So is it not great if you send these emails within WordPress directly. I know, you will agree with me on it.

WordPress has definitely become a one-stop-shop for businesses that are in a constant race to establish their presence online. Roughly if you see data there are 75 million websites active today that are completely built on WordPress, which means that WordPress alone powers about 27% of the internet. Which means these large number of websites also use WP SMTP Plugins.

And all this, fortunately, is possible by using WordPress SMTP plugins. Using SMTP plugins, you can extend the functionality of WordPress beyond just a website building tool. Installing these plugins help you with SEO, protect your email from SPAM, and much more.

Some of the top WordPress Email Plugins in 2020

So here in this post, we have cultivated some of the most popular 10 WordPress Email plugins for your content distribution and marketing needs. These WP SMTP plugins provide you with an easy way to integrate an email service provider of your choice and send emails directly via your WordPress site.


Pepipost tops the list when it comes to mentioning of some best WordPress email plugins. It offers a transactional email delivery platform. The Pepipost plugin uses API integration to send your outgoing emails from your WordPress installation. It replaces the wp_mail function included with WordPress.

It has the template APIs ready so that you can pass the template once and reuse it for life by just referring to the template ID. It lets you track the emails as for each email delivered, bounced, opens, etc. the system will get real-time feeds. The Pepipost WordPress plugin is installed in WordPress along with WooCommerce to see your subscribers grow.


MailChimp has definitely left its mark being one of the most popular WordPress Newsletter plugins. It enables you to grow your MailChimp lists. This plugin helps you in writing your emails through multiple methods. It gives its users easy access to subscribe for your newsletters.

This plugin is free for up to 2,000 subscriptions. Therefore chosen widely by most of the startup businesses. Once you feel that your business is growing on the right track you can switch to its premium version to avail all its features.

MailChimp offers a lot of features for newsletter subscriptions for your website. The premium version lets you create multiple forms whereas the free version limits you only to a single form. The subscription forms can also be submitted using AJAX with this WordPress newsletter plugin. So, submitting a form won’t reload the entire web page or the form.

HubSpot’s WordPress Plugin

HubSpot’s WordPress plugin is yet another popular plugin that includes forms and pop-ups. But above all, it has the ability to collect submissions off any form you have on your WordPress site and automatically adds those leads into your CRM.

The plugin comes with a live chat tool, for engaging with site visitors. If someone submits their information on one of your pop-ups, it lets you create or automate a simple kickback email to get in touch with that lead and to deliver the required content.

You can also choose to upgrade to a paid version of HubSpot’s Marketing Hub to begin emailing those contacts right away. With a fully integrated CRM, there is no better free email subscription plugin available for WordPress.


MailPoet is of great help if you want to grow the email subscribers of your website. It offers a lot of templates for you to choose from. This lets you build a beautiful email subscription easily with them. You can easily import an existing list from your CRM, or create forms and add them to your site using widgets.

With MailPoet you can also schedule your newsletters for WordPress. This plugin is free for anyone with less than 2,000 subscribers but is more powerful upon upgrading. Premium users can see exactly which subscribers have opened an email and what links people are clicking on within your email, among a lot of other advanced features.


Newsletter is an email marketing tool that is built specifically for WordPress. The plugin lets you add a subscription form or pop-up to your site, using multi-list targeting, and send newsletters for the distribution of your blog content.

You can have unlimited subscribers for your newsletter. It also provides statistics for your website. You can use an unlimited amount of newsletters to easily send your audience to engage with them through emails. In addition, it also checks for spam subscriptions for securing your website. This is done through the domain or IP blacklists, Akismet, and Captcha.


SendinBlue plugin works directly into WordPress. It offers cloud-based digital marketing tools to over 50,000 growing companies globally. Using this WordPress plugin, you can create forms, create and send email marketing campaigns, measure your success over time using the included reports and also manage lists of subscribers.

You can even personalize components of your email by using its feature of drag-and-drop email editor and increase engagement with your subscribers. It also includes transactional emails. Using the wp_mail function, you can send transactional emails using SendinBlue’s SMTP.


Mailjet is a WordPress email plugin that helps you in easily growing your email subscriptions for your website. This one is a feature-rich plugin that is designed to get you more email subscribers. It lets you manage to sign up forms and contact lists with this plugin.
With its easy mail management, you can also manage all your marketing and transactional email directly from the WordPress admin panel. Mailjet helps you with automated contact synchronizations.

With Mailjet you get several options one being to let the WooCommerce customers subscribe to your newsletter for WordPress. All you need to do is activate the WooCommerce integration and see the subscribers grow through it.


OptinMonster engages your email subscribers with a variety of pop-ups and static forms. The tool features a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to build your form from scratch, or select from a pre-built template.

The OptinMonster stands out from other email plugins is due to its targeting options. Using exit-intent technology, it deploys a pop-up based on when a user is getting ready to leave a page. It also has page-level targeting options to tailor your content offers to a visitor’s location and behavior on your site.

WP Subscribe

WP Subscribe built by MyThemeShop, is a company focused on building WordPress themes and plugins. The plugins here are fast, look great on any site, plus are SEO-friendly. The plugin is compatible with several popular email service providers, such as AWeber and MailChimp, so you can begin leveraging your email lists immediately.

They have optimized the code on their plugin that ensures it loads fast, without slowing down your site. Through WP subscribe, you can add your subscription form anywhere on your site.


With over 100,000 active installations within WordPress, Sumo has got its spot in the list of top email plugins. Beyond just pop-ups, automated drip campaigns and welcome emails, it hosts some great features to grow your business.

The plugin includes a “share” button that can be added anywhere on your site, allowing visitors to easily share your content on social. This plugin integrates directly with WooCommerce that makes it easy for you to create discounts and offers to increase your order value, and minimize the number of abandoned carts.

Another feather in its cap comes with its offer of free customer support and one-on-one onboarding for all customers.

Here are 15 other WordPress SMTP Plugins that are worth considering

  1. Postman SMTP Plugin
  2. Mailgun SMTP
  3. WP SMTP Config
  4. Newsletter WP Plugin
  5. SAR Friendly SMTP
  6. Yandex Mail SMTP Server
  7. SMTP by BestWebSoft
  8. Free WP Mail SMTP
  9. WP Mail -logging by Mailpoet
  10. WP SMTP Config
  11. Post Notification by Email
  12. MY SMTP WP
  13. WP HTML Mail
  14. Mailster Multi SMTP
  15. weMail – Email Marketing Simplified

Wrapping Up!

It is very important to choose the right plugin that suits your needs the best. Whether you need a highly customizable plugin or a simple one that drives submissions of your email, the options here will prove to be a worth exploring and building up your subscribers list.

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