How Smartech’s Push Amplification Helped Thomas Cook Achieve 44% Higher Push Notification Delivery Rates & 63% Higher CTR
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Ritu Poddar
Ritu Poddar

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How Smartech’s Push Amplification Helped Thomas Cook Achieve 44% Higher Push Notification Delivery Rates & 63% Higher CTR

Published : March 1, 2019

App push notifications are unquestionably the most powerful tool in your mobile marketing strategy today. With the degree of personalisation that it offers and rich media features, this channel has helped brands across industries to boost their user engagement by as high as 90%, and retention rates by 2X.

While the highly relevant & hyper-personalised push notifications hold immense potential to help you achieve your key metrics, they can work their magic only if they reach your users’ smartphone.

Certain technological limitations or firewalls prevent your carefully crafted campaigns from getting delivered to certain segments of your user base.

It has been observed that Android phones with Chinese OEMs (Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Lenovo, and LeEco) restrict background processes related to certain apps to optimise the device’s performance. Due to this, push notifications from many apps aren’t delivered at all or are delivered in extremely limited numbers, as the vital link between the push gateway (either GCM or FCM) and the smartphone device is severed.

In case of iOS, there are occasions when your push notifications might not get delivered at the discretion of the gateway in question, Apple Push Notification Service (APNS). This leads to poor delivery rates and in turn impacts the overall effectiveness of your campaigns.

One of our clients, Thomas Cook, a leading travel brand headquartered in Mumbai, was facing the same challenge. Push Notification was one of major channels they utilise to drive app usage and conversions.

Despite sending personalised and optimised app push notification campaigns, engagement and conversions remained lower than expected, as the delivery rates stayed low. The brand wasn’t able to drive retargeting or nudge transaction completion as the push notifications weren’t getting delivered to the users on time.

The brand realised that in addition to creating data-driven personalised app push notification campaigns, it needed to boost the delivery rates to achieve the desired campaign results.

That is where Smartech’s industry-first Push Amplification feature came into the picture. Using this feature, Thomas Cook was able to increase its delivery rate by 44% and CTR by 63%.

The brand integrated its app with Smartech, for both Android and iOS.  After the integration, all the push notification campaigns that the brand sends, are pushed to its users from Smartech’s servers through GCM or FCM gateway (for Android), and through APNS gateway (iOS). The instances wherein the notification delivery fails, the SDK makes a network call to a specific Smartech API that in-turn pushes all those non-delivered notifications to the user.

To ensure that the notifications don’t hit this segment of your users at once, Smartech enables the delivery of push notifications to the above devices across exponential time intervals.

thomas-cook-gets-a-44percent-increase-in-delivery-rate-and-63-percent-increase-in-ctr-from-notifications-using-push-amplification (1)

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As a result, the brand was able to engage and nurture it’s user base across the user lifecycle.

While push amplification continues to boost the delivery rates of push notification campaigns, Thomas Cook also leverages the insights provided by Smartech’s Actionable Analytics module to understand it’s users behaviour and create AI-powered advanced user segments and optimise the send-time and subject-line, for extremely relevant targeting.  Utilising the web and app engagement channels, the brand continues to craft meaningful cross-channel customer journeys. This partnership with Smartech has helped Thomas Cook in raising its revenues by 2.5X!

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Smartech’s AI-powered cross-channel marketing platform helps smart marketers like you to achieve the 4 R’s of marketing – deliver the right message to the right user at the right time through the right channel.

To learn more about how can you boost your app push notification delivery rates and CTRs by 30% or more across both Android and iOS devices, schedule a demo with our experts today!

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