The State & Art of Browser Push Notifications: A Comprehensive Report From an Indian Perspective
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The State & Art of Browser Push Notifications: A Comprehensive Report From an Indian Perspective

Published : July 27, 2018

It has been 2 years since Browser Push Notifications were ‘launched’, following the first roll-out of web push notifications by Apple in 2009, and we cannot elude the fact that BPN has emerged as one of the most impactful channels for marketers and businesses alike.

But, has the industry adopted it to the fullest? Have we graduated to triggered and hyper-personalised campaigns to get the most out of this channel?

Here is the second edition of Browser Push Notification Report, which will give useful insights based on the analysis of more than 50 brands using this channel.

Push Notifications Landscape:

Media followed by eCommerce industry are leading users of push notifications, for the second year in a row with 70% & 51.61% as adoption rate respectively. They also count for 50.74% of the total campaign frequency as compared to other verticals.


While Media Companies are broadly focussing on pushing Updates & Subscription for Premium Content, eCommerce/Retail companies are utilizing the channel to target Cart Abandonment & Dormant Users (Reactivation Campaigns).

A major change has been observed in ‘Travel aggregators and airlines’ sector, with a whopping 32.11% increase in the adoption rate for BPNs, with primary focus on Offer/Promotion & Improving booking abandonment.

BFSI comes a 3rd with 31% adoption rate for Push Notifications, focused on cross-selling banking products and promoting other types of accounts like Demat & Time Deposit, etc.

Key to success:

Frequency, use of hyper-personalisation, triggered over plain vanilla broadcast, Time to Live, Best Time & Rich Push Notifications are major parameters for a successful push campaign.

Why you should download this report:

You get to see:

  • How BPNs are being adopted industry-wide.
  • Industry-wise performance for BPNs.
  • What’s the preferred subscription (opt-in) method.
  • What’s the best way/time for using BPNs.
  • Best practices against key metrics.

…And lot more!

You can download the full report here.

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