The Smartech Web Message Module: Now Craft Campaigns Based on Customer Segments and Activities
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Pradyut Hande

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The Smartech Web Message Module: Now Craft Campaigns Based on Customer Segments and Activities

Published : November 14, 2019

Effective marketing automation is dependent on the degree of intelligence you – as a brand – are able to embed while orchestrating the delivery of the right message to the right customer through the right channel, at the right time.

Don’t restrict yourself to simple multi-channel customer journeys. You need to expand that paradigm and craft campaigns that take into account both historical and real-time behaviour of your website customers and mobile app users.

And, that’s exactly what Smartech allows you to do!

For web-based businesses, web messages continue to be a powerful channel of onsite customer engagement driving faster conversions. I had highlighted the blistering power of Smartech’s revamped web message module in one of my previous posts.

And, we have further bolstered our web message module with a couple of radical new features to empower you to further drive personalisation customer experiences at scale.

With’s Smartech’s industry-leading web message feature, you can now build, schedule, and trigger the following kinds of campaigns:

1. Web Messages based on Saved Customer Segments/Lists

Gone are the days of a batch-and-blast broadcast campaign. Regardless of what channel you want to engage your customers on, it is important to deliver the most personalised, relevant, and timely content.

Now, harness the power of Smartech’s customer segmentation capabilities to create and save dynamic customer segments based on historical behaviour. Once saved, you can target these relevant customer segments with meaningful web message campaigns to nudge them towards a conversion event.

Web Messages based on Custom Segments

Use Cases

  • E-Commerce

    Create a personalised multi-channel customer journey by targeting those customers who have been redirected to your website through an email campaign that highlights a recommended product.

    While your email campaign has served its objective of bringing a potential customer to your website, a contextual web message with a special offer on the same product – triggered after a minute (or a time interval of your choice) – decreases the probability of the customer bouncing off the page.

    It also helps close the conversion cycle faster, directing the customer to complete the transaction by incentivising purchase of a product he/she is most likely to buy. In such a case, you can create and save segments based on the specific product, product category, or email campaign openers.
  • Banking

    Re-engage with those customers that arrive on your website by clicking on a browser push notification highlighting the benefits of a particular credit card that he/she may have searched for in the last 180 days.

    In such a case, you can create dynamic segments based on the historical clicks of customers with your browser push notification campaigns over a 60, 90, and 180-day period.

    These segments can then be shown web message campaigns asking them to register their interest for the credit card by offering attractive cashback schemes on the first 5 purchases.

Campaign Creation Process

  1. Once you’ve logged into the Smartech panel, go to the “Web Message” section
  2. Click on “Campaign”
  3. Head to the “Audience” tab
  4. Under the “Whom to Target” section, select the relevant customer segment you want to target – created based on parameters and conditions of your choice parameters and conditions of your choice

2. Web Messages based on Customer Activity

It is critical to engage with your customers keeping in mind the context and conversion cycle stage of each customer. That is the essence of powering a personalised digital and mobile marketing strategy.

And, what better to leverage micro-moment context than interacting with your web customers based on their live, real-time behaviour on your website!

Now, trigger web messages on the basis of customer activities/non-activities exhibited on your web message to shorten path to conversions and reduce drop-offs at critical stages of the conversion cycle.

Web Messages based on Customer Activity

Use Cases

  • Food Delivery

    Diminish the chances of an abandoned cart situation by triggering a web message that targets customers who may have added a dish to the cart without completing the transaction.

    In such a case, you can decide the time interval within which you want to trigger such a relevant campaign and incentivise purchase by offering a special discount or a limited-time promo code on the very same item added to cart.
  • Travel

    Open up cross-sell monetisation opportunities by triggering contextual web message campaigns that highlight destination-specific hotel booking deals when a customer browses or books tickets to a particular location.

    Optimise the time interval of your choice within which you want to display such a web message campaign depending upon the defined action/inaction of your customers.

    Learn how leading brands are uplifting their CTRs, conversions, and retention through the Smartech web message module – right here!

Campaign Creation Process

  1. Once you’ve logged into the Smartech panel, go to the “Web Message” section
  2. Click on “Campaign”
  3. Head to the “Audience” tab
  4. Under the “Ad Hoc” section, select the specific customer “Activity” which will trigger the web message on your website
  5. Select the “Not Activity” to trigger web messages based on wait time for that particular “Not Activity”

Parting Thoughts

It has always been our endeavour to make data-driven multi-channel campaign creation and delivery simple, seamless, and high-impact. With these latest additions to our web message module, you can craft incredible, laser-focused contextual campaigns, primed for conversions.

Interested to understand how you can increase customer engagement and web conversions by almost 5X while addressing your industry-specific use cases? Script your brand’s digital growth story by getting in touch with our experts, today!

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