The Rise of Generative AI: Most exciting advancement in AI
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Akshata Bangera

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The Rise of Generative AI: Most exciting advancement in AI

Published : June 11, 2024

Behind many successful businesses, there’s AI!

Whether we realize it or not, humans working with AI can create a successful and sustainable future. AI is changing everything, including marketing. Imagine an AI that can write stories, create content, generate personalized images, and more. That’s the power of Generative AI.

Have you ever wondered how Generative AI is making a significant impact in marketing? Let’s explore this journey and see what our future with AI might look like.

How is Gen AI different from traditional AI?

Generative AI is transforming how we create and interact with digital content. While traditional AI focuses on analyzing existing data and providing insights for decision-making, Gen-AI is all about making everything from scratch, be it content, images, music, and more. It aims to mimic human creativity, producing novel and sometimes unexpected outputs.

The Transformative Role of Gen-AI in Marketing Technology

Content Creation and optimization

While human touch remains essential for adding creativity and emotional depth, advanced AI tools can help provide high-quality and accurate content. The world knows AI can generate exceptional new content or rework the given content for near perfection. Optimizing campaigns with meaningful messaging is crucial to connecting with your audience effectively—something AI can help achieve.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Owning a quality product is essential, but ensuring personalized communication and interactive content is equally important. For meaningful communication with the audience, it’s necessary to deliver campaigns that align with their preferences, behaviors, and demographics. Customized emails, targeted offers, and personalized recommendations are significant drivers in achieving targeted business outputs, particularly in marketing and customer engagement.” Engaging content helps marketers capture customers’ attention and gain valuable insights into their preferences and interests, leading to efficient and prosperous future campaigns.

Personalization at Scale

An effective marketer distinguishes itself by being able to personalize content, products, and experiences for individual users, even when managing a large customer base. Tracking customers and their choices will help marketers personalize campaigns in their best interest. Key factors such as demographics, behavior, preferences, interests, and purchase history are essential for crafting effective campaigns. Gen-AI is vital in extracting insights from customer data and identifying patterns and trends.

Marketing Operations Automation

Marketing automation is transforming workplaces by enabling speedy and customized deliveries of marketing content. Marketers who already use these tools understand their worth and how they act as catalysts to streamline, automate, and optimize marketing processes and workflows. Engaging content helps marketers capture customers’ attention and gain valuable insights into their preferences and interests, leading to efficient and prosperous future campaigns. The most critical components of these marketing automation tools are campaign management, lead generation, and customer relationship management, which every marketer longs for.

The future of marketing leveraging the power of Gen-AI

(A) Co-Marketer- Your intelligent AI Ally

Co-Marketer is your next virtual strategist powered by Gen-AI capabilities, designed to assist marketers at every step with content and campaign suggestions. This innovative tool will significantly enhance your marketing efforts by providing valuable insights, streamlining processes, and optimizing strategies. With Co-Marketer, you can expect increased efficiency, improved targeting, and more impactful campaigns, all driven by advanced AI technology. How will Co-marketer add value,

a) Content and Campaign Suggestions- The Co-Marketer efficiently analyzes previous customer data to provide behavior-based suggestions. When data is limited or unavailable, the tool examines market behavior or trends to inform its recommendations, ensuring a better customer journey. In both scenarios, the Co-Marketer streamlines the process of generating effective campaigns, making it an invaluable marketing asset.

b) Audience Identification—With Co-marketer, we have moved toward prediction segmentation rather than just segmentation, which can be done by understanding customer data and insights.

c) Insights and Reports– Insight generator in marketing technology extracts actionable insights from vast amounts of data. This enables marketers to make the right decisions and leverage these insights to drive strategic initiatives. Insight generators empower businesses to envision campaigns and their performance based on customer behavior and market trends. Here are some functions of the insight generator,

(B) Digital Twins- The key to personalized Intelligence

In simpler terms, digital twin means using all the customer data, physical (i.e., what they put in the store) and online, and creating a virtual version of that digital data as your digital twin. The centralized data enables marketers to predict the customer’s next best action in their shopping journey and respond accordingly for a seamless experience.

Predicting Affinities and Propensity of the User

When utilized effectively, customer data enables marketers to understand individual preferences and engagement patterns, allowing them to craft the best strategies for outreach. Every customer is unique, with their own choice and preferences. The tool also works on affinity prediction, analyzing the customer data to understand and anticipate their best action or response to a specific product, service, or content. This predictive model helps marketers gauge customers’ interests to better target and segment them for personalized marketing. Let’s show you the affinity types,

Marketers can successfully create personalized campaigns based on the above affinities, plus other preferred interests and likings, for desired outputs.

Our tool analyzes customer affinities and calculates the probability of a customer making a specific purchase on a given day. This comprehensive approach gives marketers a deeper understanding of customer behavior, enabling them to develop more effective strategies.

(C) Generative Journey- Crafting an Efficient Future for Campaigns

This innovative approach to marketing technology enables personalized and dynamic customer experiences across various marketing channels. The concept of an “Efficient future for campaigns” means marketers should not spend excessive time creating campaigns for individual marketing channels. Instead, a Campaign Generator simplifies the process, allowing you to focus on strategic decision-making rather than operational tasks. This approach empowers you to allocate your time and resources more effectively, enhancing your overall marketing strategy.

With the power of AI, the Campaign generator optimizes marketing campaigns by analyzing data, segmenting audiences, generating content, and continuously refining strategies based on performance metrics. The ultimate goal of a campaign generator is to constantly improve content and optimize the campaigns for the best results. Here, AI learns from the campaign performance to make more intelligent and efficient decisions over time. What makes Campaign Generator unique is,


Generative AI is transforming businesses by providing innovative solutions for content generation, consumer engagement, personalization, and marketing automation. The Gen-AI capabilities are backed by customer data and insights that work best for marketers to generate more relatable campaigns. As we look into the future of marketing technology, Gen-AI will continue to enhance the potential of marketers and their campaigns, ultimately fostering strong connections and driving more business success. Generative AI is not just the future of marketing—it is the present, enabling businesses to thrive in an increasingly competitive digital landscape.

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Written By: Akshata Bangera
Akshata Bangera
Akshata is a dynamic marketer with over 5 years of experience in diverse industries including Media, Tax technology, FMCG and logistics. Specializing in the B2B segment, she excels in integrated marketing, brand building, and lead generation. With her passion for content development and innovation, her expertise spans product marketing, content strategy, and storytelling.