How to add 3 levels of intelligence to supercharge your email program
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Puneet Mahajan
Puneet Mahajan

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How to add 3 levels of intelligence to supercharge your email program

Published : July 10, 2023

Two words—“batch-blast” and “broadcast”—are the nemesis of email marketing. Customers do not even open mass marketing emails, let alone engage with them.

At best, such emails are deleted. At worst, they are marked as spam. And with it goes the sender reputation with Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, or other mailbox service providers. Soon, every email sent (including the important ones) from the specific email ID ends up in the dreaded spam folder.

Now, let’s look at the other challenge. Customers have very limited attention spans with an outer limit of 10 seconds.  A million tasks, messages, and online content are clamoring for a thin sliver of the user’s attention. If you hope to capture and retain it, you need something exceptional in your marketing emails.

In this compelling article, we unveil the secret: three ingenious layers of intelligence that will revolutionize your email game. Here, “intelligence” refers to strategic tactics that transform your emails into captivating, user-centric experiences – the kind of emails that users can’t help but open and engage with, even during a quick inbox scan.

Personalized product recommendations across the shopper lifecycle

Different customers have different needs and wants, and there is no one-size-fits-all email marketing campaign strategy. With the progress technology has made, you can send personalized product recommendations via dynamic email content. You can customize marketing emails for each customer segment (based on location, age, gender, purchase history, browsing pattern, wish lists, referrals, and many more).

Think about it. A 50-year-old man from Kansas probably doesn’t care about BTS merch, but a 14-year-old girl from LA may indeed. By collecting adequate and relevant data for both these customers, you will be able to zero in on what each precisely wants and give it to them. You won’t be wasting their time with random product recommendations they may or may not like or probably ignore.

At Netcore, we’ve deployed this strategy for several global brands across all industries. The results have been positive across the board:

  • Up to 8% more “Add to Cart”
  • Up to 5% increase in conversions
  • Up to 5% increase in average order value

If you’re looking for specific examples, here they are:

  • Woodland generated 14X marketing ROI by personalizing their website, emails, push notifications, and much more.
  • Crocs generated 42X marketing ROI by delivering personalized cross-channel experiences.

The numbers are in. Personalization works every single time.

AMP up your email marketing campaigns

We’ve written plenty about AMP emails. If you want a deep dive, the best place to start is here. But for the purpose of this article, here is the gist:

AMP for email allows senders to include interactive components right inside emails, making app-like functionalities available within the inbox. AMP emails can work as well as a website or an app – you can go totally creative in using them to offer a rich and engaging user experience.

For example, you can design AMP emails so that recipients can search for, compare, select, and purchase products from their inbox. They can also answer surveys, ask for customer assistance, keep up with updated information (such as delivery dates), and accomplish multiple tasks without ever leaving their email.

AMP emails can even carry in-email games, quizzes, and contests, so you can do more than just push products to sell. You can entertain and educate your customers once in a while.

By eliminating the need for redirections (from email CTA to a web page), AMP emails help minimize friction in the customer journey. Consequently, more people complete their purchase since they don’t drop off when asked to exit the email and go to a website.

Once again, we’re big proponents of AMP emails here at Netcore, and our innovations have revealed very encouraging numbers:

  • Up to 300% lift in CTOR
  • Up to 10X increase in conversions

We also have specific success stories:

  • CaratLane, one of India’s largest jewelry brands, launched its new jewellery line with interactive AMP emails to increase engagement. As a result, they achieved a 200% increase in CTOR.
  • Myntra, India’s largest fashion brand, incorporated fashion trends from the 2022 Grammy Awards into a short and interactive survey with interactive AMP emails to increase conversions. As a result, they achieved a 140% increase in conversions.

If you’re curious about AMP emails, contact us, and let’s figure out how AMP emails can drive your marketing ROI all the way up! We have sent more than a billion AMP emails across 200+ highly successful campaigns.

Use predictive analysis for shaping customer behavior

Predictive analysis is the process of collecting, evaluating, and studying customer data and deploying statistical models to anticipate what customers want. The final intent is to send hyper-relevant content based on data-led insights that would guarantee user engagement and even conversion.

You can run predictive analysis across multiple parameters – purchase history, dynamic content customization, predictive subject line optimization, send time and frequency optimization, churn prediction and re-engagement, “next best action” recommendations, lead scoring, and customer lifetime value prediction.

We can’t explore each of these parameters in this article, but you can dive deeper into them here.

Predictive analysis and segmentation increase user interaction with the email content when implemented accurately. Customers become more open to:

  • Engaging with your campaigns
  • Converting with cross-sell campaigns
  • Returning to abandoned carts
  • Performing custom-defined actions 

In the real world, predictive analysis offers some very desirable business benefits:

  • 5% improvement in conversions from email
  • Over 3X increase in email CTRs on predictive segments
  • 10% reduction in costs and email unsubscribes

Industry leaders who achieved outstanding results using this strategy:

  • Big Basket, India’s largest online grocery store, used predictive segmentation to reactivate their dormant user base and better segment their existing audience for maximum engagement. They achieved a 160% increase in CTR and a 120% increase in user engagement.

Your customers are getting more intelligent every day

From your side of things, it means that your marketing emails have to be smarter and more innovative.

Customers expect brands to put in the extra effort and cater to individual preferences. Given that they have a nearly infinite number of seller options to choose from, the onus is on the brand and marketer to stand out. You must go that extra mile to get folks to stop scrolling the inbox, open your emails, engage, and convert.

It may sound difficult but it’s not impossible. You have to move beyond conventional strategies and arm your email campaigns with hyper-personalization, AMP for email, and AI-led predictive analysis. By bringing data-driven intelligence into your marketing emails, you’ll be giving customers what they want, and they’ll reward you with what matters most to you – their sustained attention.

However, starting with these three advanced strategies is not exactly simple. We would be happy to consult if your team is considering some expert guidance.

Netcore has been recognized as “Ahead of the curve at applying AI to marketer workflow” in The Forrester Wave™: Email Marketing Service Providers Report 2022. For the second year in a row, we received the “Highest overall customer rating” as a Customers’ Choice in the 2022 Gartner Peer Insights “Voice of the Customer” Report.

Most importantly, we send over 20 billion emails a month on behalf of 6500+ businesses across 40 countries – so we’re constantly analyzing data, carrying out optimization at different levels, and pushing for the highest achievable goals in email ecosystems.

Curious? Connect with us, and let’s talk about the new-age, AI-led email marketing that works — every time.

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