Sendinblue Alternative: Top 5 Best Alternatives to Sendinblue!
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Sendinblue Alternative: Top 5 Best Alternatives to Sendinblue!

Published : June 19, 2020

Sendinblue isn’t the only email service provider. Let’s find out the best Sendinblue alternative in this post. Don’t miss out on some brilliant features by selecting the first result in the search!

Sendinblue loves grabbing ad spots on Google and spend judiciously for the same. But choosing a service because it’s listed first, would miss you of the opportunity to try better options! Here are the best alternatives to Sendinblue.

1. Pepipost – Most Versatile and Affordable Sendinblue Alternative

Yes, that’s us! But wait. We placed Pepipost as the #1 Sendinblue alternative for a reason! Even though Pepipost as a brand is new, our parent Netcore is one of the largest email senders in South Asia with 20+ years of email sending experience.

Quick fact: More than 60% of the emails sent across South Asia are delivered via Netcore Pepipost’s servers.

You can have far better control over your emails than what most email service providers offer. And it can all be done at much lower costs! That’s why Pepipost was created, so you could generate a higher ROI on your email campaigns.

What you get with Pepipost’s email service:

  • Globally distributed SMTP service lets you depend on us without worrying about downtime. Unless the world collapses, your emails will be sent out.
  • Easy migration from another service so you can send your email from Pepipost in less than 3 minutes – We timed it!
  • Artificial intelligence for better email delivery. We use AI-powered email delivery set up to help you optimize your campaigns to reduce spam, improve inboxing rates, reach customers faster, and keep track of your email sending reputation – automatically behind the scenes.
  • High scalability so you can grow your business fast, without worry about your email delivery capabilities.
  • Extreme affordability, almost half the cost of some of the well-known services.
  • Brand love <3. Customers who’ve worked with us, don’t want to switch! See our reviews on G2 and Trustpilot for yourself and you’ll know exactly why.

Here’s the full list of Pepipost features. With our risk-free trial, you can send out 30,000 emails at no additional costs for the first month. No auto-renewal unless you absolutely LOVE Pepipost! We’re sure you will!

Best Sendinblue alternative

2. Mailchimp – A Beginner-Friendly Sendinblue Alternative

Mailchimp - Best Sendinblue Alternative

The monkey logo that you see floating around on social media, is Mailchimp! It’s one of the more expensive options but surely something to consider if you’re just starting out and don’t have a big subscriber list. That’s because Mailchimp charges based on the number of email subscribers.

The reason why they made it to this list as 2nd best alternative to Sendinblue is because of their ease of use. Mailchimp targets beginner marketers and individual bloggers which is why their platform is very easy, and quick to use. It integrates with almost all the form plugins on WordPress so their users have a choice.

With such easy integration capability in WordPress, a lot of individuals and organizations go with Mailchimp. If you’re worried about Mailchimp’s pricing, this article talks about what you can do!

Sparkpost sends out 37% of the B2B and B2C emails. They’re well known in the market and also a great Sendinblue alternative. They promise 99% uptime for their servers backed by the SLA making a good choice for marketers for whom uptime is critical.

Their USP is their fast email delivery speed paired with their reliable servers making it a good choice for users looking for an alternative.

4. Moosend – Best Sendgrid Alternative for Email Triggers

Moosend offers triggers and automation for your email delivery. The same is possible with Pepipost with better configurability from the back-end. However if your entire focus of sending emails is based on triggered emails, Moosend can be a great Sendinblue alternative.


As you can see in the picture above, the triggers can be set in a very visual manner making it easy for people who are interested in creating such workflows.

5. Sendgrid – An Email Marketing Alternative for Sendinblue

Sendgrid markets itself as a complete marketing platform making it a great Sendinblue alternative. Being an established brand in this space, Sendgrid also charges a premium price for its services.

Sendgrid, paired with their new partner brand Twilio, has become an email and SMS marketing platform. For those looking for an alternative to Sendinblue with better brand popularity, Sendgrid would be a good choice. We recently covered an article comparing the Pepipost and Sendgrid SMTP services. Here’s another article that compares the different email service providers to help you choose.

Final Verdict…

We’d say, Pepipost is the best overall Sendinblue alternative for bulk email sending. It’s not just easier to work and scale with but also very reliable. Netcore Pepipost has been delivering over 10 billion emails per month with no hiccups. And it’s just the beginning.

With sub-1-minute support response times, you can test our support right now by clicking on the chat button on the bottom right of your screen!

There will always be use-cases that make an email service more feasible than Peipost or the others listed out here. So always make sure you understand your needs first. Here’s a recent article that we wrote on the most common mistakes to avoid when choosing a bulk email service.

Also, if you’re switching your service due to low email delivery and sending reputation, our team of email experts can guide you through getting out of an email blacklist.

Interested in checking if your domain is blacklisted? Here is the tool for you – Email Blacklist Checker Tool

Let’s get you to increase your inboxing rate, reduce the amount of spam, reach more customers, and improve your email ROI!

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Written By: Ninad Pathak