4 Hacks to Boost User Engagement with Personalised Push Notifications
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4 Hacks to Boost User Engagement with Personalised Push Notifications

Published : January 24, 2019

Digital marketing today is all about fostering 1:1 customer relationships at scale.  As result-oriented and performance-driven marketers, you need to focus on knowing your customers – not just who they are, but what they like and don’t like, how they interact with and navigate across your app or website, what they might buy and when.

All these critical data-points add up to provide a unified view of your customers, a powerhouse of information that highlights actionable insights capable of fueling your marketing strategy. This forms the foundation for creating highly personalised and meaningful communication, based on your customers’ historical and real-time behaviour on both app and web platforms.

Personalised marketing content can help you kill many birds with one stone: increased user engagement, top-of-mind brand recall, higher customer satisfaction, and better ROIs.

Let us see how personalising push notification content helps drive better user engagement.

Push Notifications are the most important app engagement tool in a mobile marketer’s kitty. It can help you improve app user retention by 2X while Rich Push Notifications can help you achieve 4X higher retention rates. Hyper-personalised rich push notifications can further boost retention rates by 7X!

Incredible numbers, right?

Here are 4 hacks to help you craft high impact and conversion-driven push notifications that win:

Hack #1: Personalise the messaging

“Hello Sam” always sounds and connects better than “Hello User” or “Hello Customer”. Addressing your users with their first name instantly strikes a chord. This is easy to achieve and can go a long way in creating the intended impact.

Such an approach also conveys that you care enough about your users and aren’t merely engaging with them in an impersonal tone with the sole objective of getting them to transact on app relaunch.

Hack #2: Tailor-make your push notification content based on your user’s behaviour

As smart modern marketers, you do understand that personalisation is much more than addressing users by their names.

Consider the example of a ride-hailing app. If a user has become dormant and hasn’t been booking any rides for a period of, say 30 days, then sending generic promotional notifications may not bring this user back to the app.

Instead of the generic notification, the app would benefit greatly by leveraging data insights from his past behaviour and in-app activities (in this case, his lack of activity) and craft a tailor-made notification that conveys that message.

This clearly communicates that the app business values him as a customer. The added discount on his next booking serves as an incentive, potentially nudging him to relaunch the app and book a ride.

Think of each push notification as an opportunity to leverage micro-mobile moments in order to engage with your users.

You can leverage the power of activity data to send relevant deals, promotional offers, “back in stock” updates, price change notifications etc. Now, you can even use the geolocation information of your app users and customise your notifications to make them contextual in real time.

Read the detailed post here: Leverage Geolocation Targeting to Power your Mobile Marketing Game

Hack #3: Optimise your delivery send-times

Your entire user base is composed of different customer personas that can be intelligently analysed and segmented. This throws the impersonal batch-and-blast approach right out of the window.

Users have different preferred times when they are likely to engage with your app. Again, AI-backed analysis of your users’ past interactions with your push notifications can suggest the best times to send the campaigns. Optimising the send-times adds another layer of personalisation to your engagement strategy; making your push notifications less intrusive, hard to miss, and more likely to drive conversions.

Hack #4: Optimise your content

AI-powered behavioural analysis of user data provides deep insights into how your users react to particular keywords. Push notifications being a short form content, choosing the right power words in your content is crucial.

The example below shows how the same promotional content can be tailored differently as per users’ past response to relevant keywords.

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Push Notifications are the best way to bring dormant users back to your app, and engage the ones who are active. But the trick lies in creating attractive and meaningful content that ensures the notifications don’t go unnoticed. The better you know your users, the better equipped you will be to create personalised and relevant content. While you’re at it, do check out these tips that can help you craft killer push notifications.

To know more about how to scale your app user engagement with a hyper-personalised approach, get in touch with us, today!

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Written By: Ritu Poddar