Reimagine a Frictionless Shopper Experience With Netcore at NRF 2023 Retail’s Big Show
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Reimagine a Frictionless Shopper Experience With Netcore at NRF 2023 Retail’s Big Show

Published : December 30, 2022

The Netcore Cloud team is thrilled to attend NRF 2023, Retail’s Biggest Show in NYC. The event will take place from Jan 15th to 17th, 2023, and we invite everyone from the retail community to come meet us in person at booth #270.

The retail industry has been in constant flux over the past three years, due to the pandemic. Changing shopper behavior compelled retailers to move online and find innovative ways to meet their needs. Though shoppers have gone back to in-person stores in combination with online shopping, the current economic downturn is yet again driving retailers to find new ways to increase ROI without impacting their marketing budgets.

We believe that frictionless shopping is the answer, and we are excited to show you why!

How frictionless shopping helps retail brands

Frictionless shopping is what the modern shopper demands – a smooth experience on the channel they prefer at the moment they need it. Shoppers want to achieve their goals in as little time and as few steps as possible. It’s about ensuring a frictionless flow of data between marketing channels to ensure consistency of experience.

Frictionless shopping is easy, fast, and convenient. This is key to winning customers and creating an army of loyal customers at a time when customer attention has become scarce. Frictionless shopping produces consistent experiences, which helps lower churn rates by 20%. It can also increase engagement by 100% – by predicting your shoppers’ next moves.

The icing on the cake is the fact that you can achieve all this while reducing your marketing expenditure. With Netcore’s comprehensive platform, your brand can optimize marketing efforts to generate 10x ROI and reduce the Total Cost of Ownership.

Ultimately, frictionless shopping means higher revenues. With it, you can scale your personalization efforts across channels and increase conversions by 15%. You can also use shopper signals to boost revenue by 10%.

Netcore’s key competencies

We will also showcase Netcore’s key personalization competencies across your website, mobile, email, onsite search, and other marketing channels. If you’re looking to improve your customers’ shopping experiences, be sure to check us out!

Web – Personalized website experiences for shoppers at every stage of the shopper journey. Discover how personalized webpages, product recommendations, push notifications, and exit intent pop-ups increase CTRs, purchase rates, repeat purchases, and more.

Email: Predict your shoppers’ future actions and email them with personalized discounts, offers, product recommendations, and much more. Supplement this activity with send-time optimization and subject-line generation for higher engagement and ROI.

App – Personalize your mobile app screens, push notifications, and recommendations to each user,  from onboarding to discovery… through to activation and beyond and get an increase in feature adoption, goal conversions, and lifetime value.
Search – Use a dynamic AI-powered product recommendations platform to create, test, and fine-tune personalization across websites, based on popularity, preferences, crowd wisdom, catalogs for cross-selling, and more by learning from 200+ shopper signals in real-time.

Ways to connect with our team:

Jan 15 – 17 | NRF Event in NYC, Booth #270: 

Meet us in person at NRF by booking your free ticket to the event! 

Jan 15  |  Rooftop Dinner with Netcore & Unboxd in NYC: 

We cordially invite prospects and existing customers to join us on Jan 15th at 6 PM EST at Monarch Rooftop restaurant for a joint dinner with Unbxd. Join us for some interesting conversations. You can find the RSVP tab here

Jan 15 – 17 | Virtual 1:1 Consultation:

If you can’t make it to the event, no sweat! You can book a virtual 1:1 consultation with us to learn more about our platform and how we can help your brand.

We are excited to be back in person to discuss what a frictionless shopping experience enabled by our comprehensive AI-powered platform means for retail brands like yours!

Check out our virtual booth; we hope to see you there.

About Netcore

Netcore Cloud harnesses technology to build human connections. eCommerce and D2C marketers use Netcore to create a frictionless experience across all touchpoints in the shopper journey – search, web, app, email, and beyond. Headquartered in Mumbai, India, with offices throughout Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas, Netcore serves over 5,000 clients across 40 countries and delivers 500M emails/day, 700M push notifications/day, and powers 3% of all North American searches. The Netcore AI learns from over 25B+ interactions from over 1300+ eCommerce stores. Global brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Jockey, Crocs, Walmart, Disney Hotstar, Jeromes, Dillards, and The Body Shop trust Netcore Cloud to reimagine shopper experiences, increase ROI and optimize marketing expenditure.

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