The Martech Marathon 12×25 is here, people!
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The Martech Marathon 12×25 is here, people!

Published : May 22, 2018

First things first!
Netcore and CNBC TV18 present the ultimate in knowledge-share on marketing technology or Martech: This is the Martech Marathon 12×25 – a crisp, bold, unprecedented format showcasing the best of industry insights delivered by 25 top Martech evangelists of the day.

Acknowledging the modern marketer’s need for straight-shooter insights on all the major topics in marketing, a host of free-ranging ideas at the intersection of marketing, technology, and advertising are going to find representation at this event on June 13 in Mumbai. The invite-only event will be held at The St. Regis, Lower Parel, Mumbai, and will commence at 9:00 am. There are limited seats available and marketers are encouraged to apply for an invite through our event registration process –

The modern marketer has everything to gain by attending the Martech Marathon 12×25 – an expansive exploration of the top ideas and practices that are making marketing move in this era of digital disruption. Apart from this, it will also present to the Indian marketers, a massive opportunity to network with like-minded fellow professionals and industry influencers and thought leaders.

Our CMO Kamini Rupani firmly believes that events such as these are the need of the hour to connect with marketers across the board and to present industry’s best practices to them so as to best enable them to adapt to the oncoming technological advances that are driving the digital disruption. “Digital technologies have helped us improve our lives immeasurably. Marketers too stand to benefit in the same way by deepening their knowledge base. The Martech Marathon 12×25 is the perfect opportunity to do this”.

If you’re a marketer and reading this, she has a message for you: 

Martech Marathon marks the coming together of Netcore Solutions, India’s leading marketing technology company enabling marketers with its AI-powered marketing automation & analytics solution, and CNBC TV18, one of India’s leading business news channel to create a platform that will act as a force for the empowerment of the Indian marketer with concepts, ideas, and insights that are tailored to suit their goals.

It will unveil a format that is so far unparalleled on the Indian scene: 25 Martech evangelists making a 12-minute presentation each, in a sharp, rolling format that is aimed at keeping the marketer engaged and informed. These will bring forth the most enriching 300 minutes of knowledge-share from some of the most credible names in the industry. The agenda and speakers for the event will be out soon, so keep watching this space!

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