How Inbox Commerce supercharges marketing outcomes for pet care brands
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How Inbox Commerce supercharges marketing outcomes for pet care brands

Published : January 10, 2024 | Updated : May 07, 2024

The global pet products and services market stood at around USD 5.38 billion in 2021 and is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 7.09% from 2022 to 2030. Explore the dynamics driving the global pet market growth, fueled by the increasing trend of pet humanization and the desire of pet lovers to provide the best for their animal and bird family members.

Like every other industry, the pet care domain needs to innovate marketing communication and strategies to address audience exhaustion from tons of promotional messages and notifications.

Inbox Commerce consolidates user communication, engagement, and conversion within the message/email, making it the ideal marketing approach to benefit from such a growth.

This article discusses the nature of Inbox Commerce and delves into how it can accelerate customer conversion to unprecedented levels in the global pet products and services market.

What is Inbox Commerce?

Inbox Commerce is the practice of advertising products, engaging with customers, and completing transactions through messaging sites/apps and emails.

This technological innovation lets businesses send marketing communication fully equipped with website or app-like features. A typical example would be RCS messages showcasing entire product catalogs and enabling users to choose and pay right within them. Similarly, brands can use a WhatsApp Business Account to communicate directly with individual buyers and provide a personalized shopping experience on the same message screen.

Inbox Commerce includes three distinct and related channels – RCS (Rich Communication Services), WhatsApp Business, and AMP for email. Due to their dynamic and industry-agnostic functionality, they have quickly become the most influential technological combo for unconventional marketing and conversion.

The USP of Inbox Commerce is its ability to reduce or eliminate lead leakage. Users do not have to click links within their email or message to move out to a website/app to do their shopping. There are absolutely no redirects (and, therefore, no drop-offs) in the customer funnel of Inbox Commerce.

Here are some proven use cases of Inbox Commerce to drive results in the pet care industry:

Appointment reminders and scheduling via RCS

Send dynamic RCS messages reminding pet owners about their grooming or vet appointments, including vaccine schedules and check-ups. Remind customers about replenishing their stock  – “You bought a 5lb bag of dog Kibbles a month ago… would you like to repeat your purchase?”

Inbox Commerce allows embedding entire transaction mechanisms within a single message; so customers can confirm or reschedule appointments or buy products within the RCS message. No third-party web page or app clicks are needed.

Product catalogs and ordering via WhatsApp

Showcase your entire product catalog using WhatsApp Business. Whether pet food, toys, grooming brushes, or anything else, brands can display them with vibrant images and videos within WhatsApp messages.

Customers can also inquire about products and place orders effortlessly through WhatsApp chats, reducing friction and increasing convenience.

Interactive product showcases with AMP for email

Online pet retailers can use AMP for email to display products through dynamic elements like carousels with interactive recommendations. Users can swipe through a carousel of appealing images that showcase various pet merchandise within a single email.

They can also directly purchase products or book services within the email by clicking the ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Book an appointment’ option.

Customer support and FAQ via WhatsApp

Implement WhatsApp chatbots to answer frequently asked questions about pet care, appointments, vet availability, and emergency support.

WhatsApp Business allows the creation of expandable content menus so a lot of information can be included and viewed on a mobile screen without clutter.

Brands can even use this feature to provide in-depth guides on pet training, grooming, and healthcare for first-time pet parents (paw-rents).

Personalized offers and loyalty programs via RCS

Encourage your customers with personalized communication via RCS messages. Offer exclusive discounts or loyalty rewards related to products from their previous purchases. For example, if someone regularly buys hepatic cat food, offer them 20% off on their next purchase with a code that can be redeemed within the RCS message.

Enhance the appeal of your loyalty programs. Using Inbox Commerce, points or rewards can be claimed directly through RCS interactions.

Educational content delivery with AMP for email

People care about their pets more than ever before. Pet health clinics and wellness centers can create customer affinity by sharing educational content that helps them take care of pets better.

AMP emails can carry articles, videos, and infographics discussing pet health, behavior training, new medications, nutrition and exercise, etc. You can directly embed such content in the email body, and make it interesting with dynamic visual elements (images of cute doggies, sassy cattos, and bright birdies never go wrong).

Community building and events via WhatsApp

Don’t just convert customers; create communities.

Pet adoption centers and animal shelters can create WhatsApp groups to share stories about rescued pets, coordinate adoption efforts, and organize pet healthcare and spay-and-neuter events. Leverage the messaging channel to foster strong customer relationships by enabling communication between like-minded animal lovers.

Feedback and review requests via RCS

Brands can send RCS messages to collect customer feedback and reviews after a grooming/training session or a product purchase. Don’t forget to offer incentives for leaving reviews – for instance, a $5 gift card for the first 10 reviewers.

You can also allow customers to redeem the gift card within the RCS message with a few clicks.

Urgent alerts and pet safety via RCS

Nothing hurts as bad as a lost pet. Help anxious and distressed pet parents by using RCS messages to broadcast urgent alerts for a specific area. Include all information, such as the pet’s photo, name, last seen location, and other physical markers to help folks recognize the four-legged friend.

Tailored content and offers via WhatsApp

Pet breeders and trainers can send tailored content, such as training tips catering to specific breeds or tempting offers for training sessions, behavioral consultations, or grooming services.

WhatsApp Business allows brands to send content to specific segments of customers (based on their purchase behavior, support queries, and other insights). Businesses can craft personalized messages for diverse and distinct audience segments.

Double the tail wags and squawks with Inbox Commerce

Pets deserve the best care their human parents can give them. To make it easy for people to pamper their beloved animals and birds, pet brands can step up their marketing game with Inbox Commerce.

Inbox Commerce empowers pet businesses to engage customers seamlessly across their preferred communication channels and offers total shopping convenience. This innovative approach eliminates online barriers, allowing pet lovers to purchase products or book services within messages or emails.

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