Improve Your Call Centre Efficiency Through Marketing Automation!
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Improve Your Call Centre Efficiency Through Marketing Automation!

Published : October 4, 2017

“Being Human in the digital world is about building a digital world for humans”, says Andrew Keen.

Today, there is almost nothing that cannot be done through internet – starting from buying vegetables to booking a hotel in some corner of the world. Many industries like e-commerce, travel, etc. are completely digital, end to end transactions happening online. However, there are some industries like Mutual Fund and Insurance, where customers still look for involvement of human personnel.

For example, how much ever research a customer does about an insurance policy, he or she would still want to talk to a service executive before making the final purchase.

Industries like these face a day-to-day challenge of churning out odd leads and reaching out to the potential ones as early as possible, to ensure good conversions.

Let us consider one such scenario: A leading insurance company gets leads through online forms in which the contacts provide their name, mobile number, and other quote-related details.

All the contacts who have expressed interest in the quotes, are reached out by the call centre team on a first come first serve basis. The biggest challenge here is that, out of all the calls made to the leads, approximately 50% of them are contactable while the rest get dropped under disposition like Ringing, Switched Off, Invalid number, Wrong Number etc.

Call centre executives spend enormous efforts in making calls to these numbers multiple times, and yet get no positive response. It is important to reach them on time because delay raises the chances for the missing out on a good lead as the threat of ‘lost interest’ or ‘lost to competition’ is always imminent.  Usually brands take up to 24 hours to reach to such hot prospects, unless they have a huge call center force.

How can Automation help here?

Since verification of these leads happens via calling activity, the brand can consider having an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) as a solution.

The IVR script can be something like – “Dear Customer, Thank you for showing interest in our product. If you wish to speak to our customer centre executive today, then Press 1. If you wish speak to them tomorrow then Press 2. If you have already spoken to our executive, then please feel free to call us anytime for assistance. Thank you.”

Take a look at the flow of steps.

Those opting to speak today, can be tagged under ‘Super priority’ List and should be called immediately while those who press 2 should be contacted the next day.

Adopting an automated workflow instead of manually contacting each lead can give these three direct benefits:

  1. As all Customers are reached out immediately via IVR, churning out of invalid/wrong numbers can be done easily and quickly.
  2. You can assign scores to the leads, based on the level of interest they show.
  3. The call centre efficiency gets raised immensely, helping them provide quality service to the hot leads and customers.
  4. The cost of an IVR is usually 1/5th of the cost of the call center calling cost. Thus switching to automation makes CBR (Cost to benefit review) pretty evident.
  5. Moreover, brands can customize the script of IVR based on the stage the contacts drop out. Thus the communication becomes more relevant and impactful.

Additionally, all those contacts who cannot be reached due to incorrect or invalid mobile numbers, can still be reached through other communication channels like Browser Push Notifications or emails (provided the brand has the email ID and/or browser token ID). Once the brand gets the mobile numbers, the call centre can reach them as suggested in the flow above. Adopting this method would help in saving the time and effort call centre teams spend in trying to connect to contacts with invalid/wrong mobile numbers.

Netcore’s Martech services help enterprises with solutions like these to enhance their marketing communication. Our solutions are highly customised as per business requirements. Icing on the cake is the power of multiple communication channels in Netcore Smartech (our marketing automation solution), which makes implementation smooth and seamless.

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