How To Create the Perfect Professional Email Address
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Mary J Derosa

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How To Create the Perfect Professional Email Address

Published : August 19, 2019

If you want to represent your brand well, you should use a professional email address with a custom domain. Why you might ask? Well, for businesses, regular email accounts like Gmail and Yahoo just simply don’t cut it. They won’t give you complete control or let you use a custom domain.

Imagine having to email your customers with an email address you’ve had since high school or with a different brand’s domain. Kind of embarrassing, isn’t it?

But no worries! This article will show you how to create a professional email address for your brand.

Perks of Having a Professional Email Address for Your Brand

Let’s get into the details of how a professional email address can help your brand grow:

  • Brand establishment — More often than not, people will choose established brands over the ones that are just starting out. Having a professional email address is one of the ways of showing that your brand is not playing around and you’re investing in your image!
  • More control — It mostly comes down to features that will help you manage communication and boost your brand in the right direction with features such as calendar sync, and task management.
  • Show professionalism — With a professional email address at your disposal, building connections, and brand credibility will be much easier!
  • Gain the trust of your customers Your customers will feel safer knowing that your brand has the means to have a legit email address, resulting in a better relationship between you and your customers! Additionally, a custom email address will immediately show who the emails are coming from!
  • Brand promotion With each email you send out, you get to promote your own brand.

What Makes a Good Professional Email Address

Before we move on, let’s briefly go through some of the do’s and don’ts of creating a business email:


  • Be consistent don’t confuse your customers with alternative names and stick to your brand name.
  • Create your own domain nothing says professional more than having your own custom domain name for an email address. What looks better – [email protected] or [email protected]?
  • Short and to the point your email address should be catchy and easy to remember. [email protected] is a good example.
  • Email signature most businesses have their own email signatures, this could be the name of the company, the sender, or just a general message such as a thank you and warm regards.


  • Don’t use numbers instead of numbers, you can opt for initials or just use a full name.
  • Don’t put in your job title that’s not how you show professionalism, it’s just braggy, impersonal and unnecessary.
  • Don’t use nicknames — nicknames should be left alone when it comes to professional business email addresses. Your customers don’t need to know that. This practice doesn’t work well for most brands.

How Do You Create a Professional Email Address?

There are many ways to create a professional email address. One of the best options is a web hosting provider. The best web hosting providers – include email hosting for no added cost along with their hosting plans. Also, mostly includes an option so set up your email address with your domain without any fee. If you are using the domain name email address it will make you look much more professional and increase trust on you.

However, not everyone wants to purchase web hosting just to create business email accounts. That’s where email hosting providers like Zoho, and G Suite come in handy! Perfect for a small business with no interest in making a website!

Here’s a quick summary of what these two are all about:

1.   Zoho

Creating an email address through this ad-free email hosting service can be free if you have an existing domain name. With their forever free plan, each user gets 5GB of storage and 25MB attachment limit for a single domain.

But if that is not enough, there is also an alternative that provides the option to host multiple domains called mail lite priced at $1 a month.

Should you need more storage and a higher attachment limit, you can sign up for their mail premium plan for $4 per month. This plan offers everything that mail lite does, plus 50GB of storage, a 250MB file attachment limit, email backups, email restoration, and other tools that help manage your business communication with ease!

2.   G Suite

Being an extension of Gmail, G Suite offers you all the great features Gmail provides and more. Starting at $6 a month, G Suite provides three different email hosting plans that try to fit different kinds of users.

Their basic plan offers 30GB of cloud storage with features like calendar sharing and 24/7 support. However, if you don’t want limited cloud space, you can opt for their business or enterprise plans starting at $12 up to $25 a month.

Creating a business email address through G Suite can also be free! You can get a free custom email address – like [email protected] – under a .page domain for the first year. G Suite also offers free email hosting for non-profit organizations, and educational institutions.


Having a professional email address will not only boost brand awareness and customer trust but will also make you appear more professional to your customers.

Regardless of what email hosting provider you choose, be sure to follow the best professional email practices mentioned above.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go create your professional email address and watch your business transform into something even greater!

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