How can the Securities Industry benefit from Browser Push Notifications?
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How can the Securities Industry benefit from Browser Push Notifications?

Published : November 9, 2017

Browser Push Notification (BPN) is one channel that is ruling the roost when it comes to engaging existing customers and prospects, when they are not onsite. Even in generating leads, and engaging the anonymous visitors, nothing beats Browser Push Notifications.

Browser Push Notifications has proved to increase conversions by 15% and achieve conversion rates as higher as 30 times more than other channels.

Let us look at some instances where Browser Push Notifications can be effectively used in the securities industry.

1. Welcome Browser Push Notifications

When the user subscribes to your notifications, on a browser, it is a good practice to thank the user and welcome him via a Browser Push Notifications.

Welcome Browser Push Notification

Landing Page: As this a welcome series, the user can be taken to the homepage of the website.

2. Content Marketing

When you want to provide your customers the news on their fingertips, Browser Push Notifications is a great option.
This is a good way to provide informative content and increase customer engagement.

Content Marketing browser push notification

Landing Page: On clicking the Browser Push Notifications, the user is directed to top company’s stock analysis page

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3. Brand Awareness

You would want the customer to know the variety of your offerings. This makes the customer aware of your brand more, and gets you a position in his consideration set when he thinks of going for a new product/service.

Browser push notification promoting Brand Awareness

Landing Page: The user is taken to the page where he can start trading in options. You may also auto fill his login credentials on this page

4. Promotions

It could be a newly launched service, or a discount brokerage which you are offering this month to your customers. Display this in your Browser Push Notifications.

Promotional browser push notification

Landing Page: When user clicks on the Browser Push Notifications, direct him to the sign up page for zero brokerage DEMAT account, after which he can start trading in stocks.

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5. Drop outs

Consider a customer who was exploring SIP for mutual funds. He was on the calculator page for SIP, after which he dropped off and did not invest in MF. We can specifically target such drop outs with a Browser Push Notifications.

Browser Push Notifications which target drop outs

Landing page: Direct the user to the same page from where he dropped off last time.

Reiterating the advantages of Browser Push Notifications, which are plenty:

  1. Zero spend marketing channel
  2. Engage with users while not on site
  3. Target audience on multiple devices- mobile, desktop, tab website users
  4. No personal details like email ID/phone no. needed
  5. Send personalized messages as per web activity and history
  6. Send to anonymous visitors too

So, go in for Browser Push Notifications for your website, and see a positive uplift in leads, sales and customer retention.

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