How a multitool email authentication approach helps boost retail’s immunity to ransomware
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Brian Westnedge
Brian Westnedge

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How a multitool email authentication approach helps boost retail’s immunity to ransomware

Published : May 6, 2022

Phishing is the most dominant attack vector for cybercrime and ransomware. Contrary to popular opinion, hackers aren’t sneaking in through some backdoor. They are strolling in through the front thanks to insecure or misconfigured email systems.

Why is retail a targeted industry?

Retail is not immune from ransomware — in fact, it is the most targeted industry because users are more likely to click on malicious emails from known brands. While many retailers understand the different technologies available for cybersecurity, most have not been implementing them correctly. A major problem is that their systems focus on filters instead of impersonation, the latter being a growing tactic used in cybercrime.

Here is a closer look at the state of cybersecurity in retail: 

●       91% of phishing attacks begin with a phishing email.

●       The average ransom fee has risen from $5,000 in 2018 to around $200,000 in 2020.

●       The average downtime for a company after a ransomware attack is 21 days.

How can a multitool approach help create herd immunity for the retail sector?

What can retailers and other organizations do to help increase email security? The answer may be to implement protocols that can protect domains from email forgery while reinforcing the brand.

An email security multitool can help retailers and other companies deliver branded messages and protect the organization. Such an approach combines DMARC, BIMI and VMC:

●   DMARC stands for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance. It’s a globally standardized email authentication protocol that protects domains from exact domain impersonation or ‘email spoofing.’

●   BIMI stands for Brand Indicators for Message Identification. It exists to display trademarked logos alongside emails as a reward to the domain owner for implementing DMARC at enforcement.

●       VMC is a Verified Mark Certificate. VMCs verify the ownership and association of logos with domains.

This integrated solution seamlessly combines the registered logo verification that a VMC provides with DMARC anti-spoofing technology that protects your email communications against fraud. If enough organizations implement DMARC, then herd immunity will take hold. Ransomware will be driven down and retailers, their data, suppliers and, most importantly, customers, will be better protected.

How can you deliver multiple wins for multiple people?

When you implement this type of integrated email security solution, you bring wins across the board:

●       C-suite. You show you are a retailer or other organization that is led by professionals who integrate foundational technology and create open, scalable solutions ecosystems.

●       Information Security. Your organization is protected with anti-spoofing and sender control solutions.

●       Marketing. Your marketing team will love you because research shows that DMARC with BIMI and VMC in place yields higher campaign performance, differentiation and brand integrity.

●       Customers. Add new layers to brand loyalty with increased security and confidence for those who trust your products and emails.

You can learn more about implementing this type of multitool solution by watching Netcore Cloud’s recent webinar on email authentication, hosted by Matthew Vernhout, VP of Deliverability for North America at Netcore Cloud, with Chris Bailey, VP of Trust Services at Entrust, and myself.

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Written By: Brian Westnedge
Brian Westnedge
Sr. Director, Channels at Red Sift