Holiday shopping reinvented: 5 unique Inbox Commerce use cases to boost conversion
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Holiday shopping reinvented: 5 unique Inbox Commerce use cases to boost conversion

Published : December 28, 2023 | Updated : May 07, 2024

The holiday season is upon us. Hyper-personalized communications and seamless interactions have become critical to engage customers and drive conversion in the highly competitive gifting industry. Inbox Commerce leverages users’ favorite communication channels like RCS, WhatsApp, and AMP email to create unique and exciting shopping experiences, leading to unprecedented sales and revenue.

What is Inbox Commerce?

Inbox Commerce is a technological innovation that brings website and app-like features to RCS messages, WhatsApp communication, and email inboxes.

It allows users to do everything they would on a site or app: search for products, add them to a cart, pay for the purchase, view order confirmation, track the delivery, give feedback/reviews, and more – all right inside your message. Users no longer have to click CTA links and hop through multiple web/app screens.

Inbox Commerce combines three technologies – RCS, WhatsApp Business, and AMP for email. Each empowers a previously ‘simple’ communication channel with extensive capabilities to drive customer conversion seamlessly.

Use cases in the gifting industry

Alert customers about flash sales

Nothing drives urgency like a one-time deal. Flash sales are perfect for attracting customers to grab the best gifts, especially during the holiday season.

Using RCS, WhatsApp Business, and/or AMP for email, marketers can send dynamic announcements in the most visually exciting manner. Inbox Commerce lets you send videos, images, stylized text, GIFs, and other exciting elements like multi-image carousels to pique users’ interest. They also allow users to complete purchases within a message or email: no CTAs, no redirects, and no user friction.

Announce new product launches

Have the new Lindt chocolates hit your shelves? Make sure your customers know it the moment they do!

This is a simple task with Inbox Commerce. Use an RCS, WhatsApp message, or AMP email to notify users as soon as products become available. Turn your announcers into attention-grabbers and transaction enablers. Why make customers click out to your website when they can conveniently buy what they want within a message or email? Besides, being able to choose and pay within the inbox eliminates the chances of midway drop-offs.

Offer personalized suggestions

Sometimes, people just don’t know what gift works best for someone. It is especially true if the recipient is not a family member or a close friend(think colleagues or acquaintances).

This is where marketers can step in with highly personalized customer interaction. Talk to your customers directly using RCS or WhatsApp messages. Ask them for details about the person they intend to buy the gift for and suggest the right choices.

For example, if the user says that the person goes on a couple of ‘be with nature’ outings in a year, suggest adventure, trekking, fishing gear, or even a book about the best locations for camping. The suggestions can happen in real-time within the message or email using chatbots.

A brand may not always be able to suggest the perfect gift, but its effort will go a long way in initiating brand affinity.

Trigger FOMO with countdowns

Don’t let customers miss out on that great deal with only a few days left. Nothing makes us prioritize something as much as the prospect of missing out on it, right?

Introduce a sense of urgency in your announcements. Whether RCS, WhatsApp, or AMP for email, marketers can embed countdown timers within them.

The timer will count down the number of days or hours to the end of a sale or an exclusive product launch, so customers are constantly reminded of what they might miss out on if they don’t act fast. These countdown timers update in real-time; whenever the user opens the email, the time left at that very moment gets displayed.

Run segmented campaigns that resonate with the audience

Inbox Commerce helps you create the most effective marketing campaigns by segmenting your audience based on data insights from their previous purchase/browsing behavior. It uses three popular communication channels (RCS, WhatsApp, AMP email), allowing you to choose the one your customers prefer the most.

For example, WhatsApp Business enables you to send broadcast messages to specific sets of customers.

Create your customized messages and map them to the right customer groups and their favorite communication channel – it’s a simple task with Inbox Commerce.

Encourage abandoned cart recovery

Abandoned carts are the bane of every eCommerce marketer’s existence. But, thanks to the components of Inbox Commerce, they are easier to recover than ever before.

Craft a compelling “Your items are waiting for you” message and send it via RCS, WhatsApp Business, or AMP for email. Share positive reviews/ratings of the same items from other buyers. Include an offer or special discount to sweeten the deal to inspire them to click ’Buy Now’.

Since customers can claim the offer/discount within the message or email and instantly finish the checkout, they are more likely to recover their carts. As always, convenience facilitates conversion.

Make gifting easier this holiday season with Inbox Commerce

Inbox Commerce – RCS, WhatsApp Business, and AMP for email – simplifies the process of selecting and purchasing gifts by bringing it inside the message screen. You can also offer highly responsive support via RCS, WhatsApp, or AMP email, answering queries promptly to assist users with gift selection. Inbox Commerce further helps you leverage interactive content to its fullest potential: use polls, quizzes, puzzles, or gamification to engage users and help them find the perfect gift in an exciting manner.

It’s time to harness the power of Inbox Commerce to engage customers, showcase your gift inventory, and drive sales during the festive period.

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