All about Gmail’s Snooze, Nudge, Side Panel and other latest updates
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All about Gmail’s Snooze, Nudge, Side Panel and other latest updates

Published : May 11, 2018

Google is out with another update, this one comes just after its recent move to bring the controversial
AMP platform to Gmail. As with any changes on Gmail, many experts are debating whether the latest update is detrimental to email marketers, helpful or benign.

Gmail’s big update includes Gmail Snooze, Nudge, Side Panel and more…

Google has taken Gmail to the next level this time. From clicking on attachments without opening the email, to getting nudged by Gmail, it’s all here in the new updated Gmail.

Before we get to the debate of whether this update is good and bad, let’s go through the updates.

1. A side panel, for all your to-dos.

Google has always made clear attempts to make Gmail more organized. Now, Google is keeping users in one place by adding Google Calendar, Tasks, and Google Keep content within the Gmail side panel. What makes it more interesting is we can customize this panel by adding other apps like DocuSign, Dropbox, Quickbooks Invoicing, Trello, Groove, Asana and more.

For subscribers:

Check their calendar availability for time delicate emails (like event invitations). With Google Calendar integrated within Gmail, there are higher chances of subscribers opting in for that event.

Now, subscribers can drag emails as tasks in the “to-do” list which needs a follow up on some other date. So next time you send a flash sale invitation, they can simply slide it to the “to-do” list and follow up at a later time.

Subscribers can add notes to your emails. Gmail has integrated Google Keep within the side panel which can be synced across your devices. How many times have you wanted a way to make a note to yourself while reading your email?

What’s in it for email marketers?

The introduction of the side panel within Gmail seems to be an attempt to keep the subscribers within Gmail for a longer time. This side panel can be a big win for marketers as there are higher chances that your email is getting noticed.

2. Now, Gmail will Nudge you.


An Artificial Intelligence-based Nudge is a gentle reminder to subscribers to follow up on an important message they received. Gmail has developed a smart intelligence which detects emails that are more likely to have a response. So, you can expect a week old email popping up right at top of the list with a Nudge to respond to it.

For subscribers:

Nudge is probably one of the most helpful features for subscribers. For those who attend events frequently, the event invitation is most likely to pop-up just at the right time. How many times have you opened an email on your phone, couldn’t respond to it then, and then forgot all about it?

In case you’re an early adopter of the nudge feature, Gmail has a complimentary feature of Smart Reply to help you reply to messages quicker.


And for marketers?

There’s ambiguity in how exactly the algorithm controls the Nudge feature – when to nudge and when not to. Google’s intent to launch this feature was to prevent things from “slipping through the cracks.” Your email is more likely to earn traction if it’s a time-sensitive one. It will make sense to use dates in your emails.  For sales events, webinars, etc., use dates instead of “this Friday” or “this weekend”, to leverage the Nudge feature.

3. Subscribers can snooze your emails.


This feature will make for some sleepless nights for marketers!

In the new Gmail Snooze update, the user can contentedly snooze your emails. The feature enables you to snooze a particular email until you want to see it again. When a subscriber lists it as snooze, the email disappears from the inbox and is displayed when they wish to see it.

What’s in for subscribers?

Gmail Snooze is an ideal feature for busy inboxes, receiving a heavy volume of emails. When you try to snooze an email, Gmail gives you an option to snooze until later that day, tomorrow, this weekend, next week or a date of your choosing.


And for marketers?

If this feature becomes popular, you can expect open rates to fluctuate. But it is not necessarily is a bad thing as subscribers are snoozing your emails, and not deleting or marking them as spam. It may also be necessary to look at a single email performance over longer periods of time.

4. The unsubscribe suggestion

Google will prompt subscribers to unsubscribe from email senders that they have not interacted with lately. The length of time is unknown, and for now, it is only available for mobile users.

What’s in for subscribers?

Google recommends the unsubscribe to the subscribers for senders that the subscriber might have lost interest in. It will be an easy touch of the finger to quickly opt-out.

Will this impact email marketers?

This is a very important and crucial feature for email marketers. It means that email content needs to be fresh and relevant. You’ll want to segment your list regularly to remove those subscribers who haven’t responded lately. Don’t get rid of them. Just move them into a Winback program. Additionally, this feature will help marketers get rid of their inactive base of subscribers.



The new Gmail update is a win-win for both the subscribers and marketers. It will help subscribers stay more organized with their inboxes, and keep them within Gmail for a longer time, which is a big plus for marketers. Marketers will need to monitor the changes such as Nudge and Unsubscribe, and incorporate the new factors into their email reports.

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