Why Email Deliverability is Vital for Every Email Marketing Strategy?
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Tejas Pitkar
Tejas Pitkar

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Why Email Deliverability is Vital for Every Email Marketing Strategy?

Published : September 14, 2017 | Updated : May 22, 2024

If your local takeaway place delivers food to your place correctly, and if all this happens quickly and without any glitch, then its delivery is done the right way. But say, your parcel is delivered to the wrong address or it couldn’t pin point your place and your parcel is returned, then there is no use of having a customer base, as the restaurant is unable to deliver the product to you. Email Deliverability is as similar as the parcel delivery concept.

When your emails are delivered to the right customer’s inbox and at the right time, then your email deliverability flourishes. Email deliverability is indispensable for your Email marketing goals. Here’s why:

  1. Users who read your emails are more likely to purchase:

This one is fairly straight. The more frequently your emails land in your users’ inboxes, the higher is the probability that they might buy your products or visit your website.

This is where Email deliverability will profit you immensely. Despite several marketing channels rising high in the marketing horizon, email is still the number one for the best return on investment for a marketer. So, the more emails read, more will be the engagement from your loyal subscribers. Which brings us to the next point….

  1. Greater engagement with customers = More ROI:

When you are sending emails, campaigns and offers to your subscribers, you find a considerable bunch of them who are interested in every offer of yours. These are the high engagers who would, if not buy, will check out all your latest offerings. Building a cult following is vital, because it creates “engagement” – the buzzword for marketers. The more engaged customers you have, the higher the chances of them forming a share in your returns in terms of profits.

  1. Deliverability helps increasing your customer base:

Inactive users, I have my eyes on you! *wink* *wink*

When your mails are inboxing well and you have your loyal subscribers engaged, then is the time to send a re-engagement email to your inactive subscribers, the ones who are not yet convinced, “Are you for real?!”

Deliverability will help you reach out to them once your sending reputation has improved by your ISP. Even if a few out of that lot become your customers, it is a huge benefit to your brand. It further strengthens your pulling power and you can reach out to a wider base. More customers obviously correspond to more business.

  1. Keep the loyal lot:

The point of sending more promotional emails to your customer base is to keep them coming back for more. After all, if your campaigns are not relevant, then your objectives are not on point with what you wish to achieve. Loyal customers are the ones who will always open your emails, open rates *high five*, who will click and perhaps visit your website to buy more. They keep you in business, so never lose them!

But to nurture them, treat them special like a VIP, you need to customize your email campaigns for them and do it consistently. Once this is done, the dough will keep rolling.

Deliverability helps you in achieving just that, by getting your emails enter their inboxes and getting their attention. Remember, no one checks the spam folder!

  1. Uplifting your brand awareness:

Your company as a brand, receives a huge boost when you are hitting all the inboxes of your customers. If it’s a new range of products you are coming up with, or selling the old products at a cut-off price, or if your brand is innovating, your subscribers will know through your campaigns. Inboxing is a sure fire way of getting your customers in touch with your brand.

The importance of email deliverability can never be more vital as it is in the present moment. According to the global deliverability report by Return Path, the inboxing percentage globally is 80%. The power of email has the potential to catapult a brand to greater heights just by sending relevant campaigns and promotions. It is not always a smooth process to get more conversions from your email marketing strategy.

Email Deliverability is a complex matter with email authentication methods and many other parameters thrown in, which makes it all-the-more interesting. Nevertheless, it should be at the very centre of any email marketing company and an ESP trying to get their mails delivered and to develop traction from their client’s user base.

This is part 1 of the series on Email Deliverability practices, part 2 of this series will focus on innovative practices and tips to increase Email Deliverability. Stay tuned!

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Written By: Tejas Pitkar
Tejas Pitkar
Tejas Pitkar is a Senior Product Evangelist at Netcore Cloud. He likes analyzing data and diving deep to find valuable insights for marketers. He is credited for writing Industry benchmark reports and marketing leaders’ reports. He also likes to give back to the email industry with his volunteer work at the Only Influencers Diversity Committee. An #emailgeek at heart, he likes writing blogs, sharing email knowledge, and making thought-provoking videos on all things email. He enjoys hiking, backpacking, reading books, and drinking his favorite Chai, in his free time.