Everything About Email Automation – The Past, Present and the Future
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Everything About Email Automation – The Past, Present and the Future

Published : May 12, 2020 | Updated : April 25, 2024

Email- Electronic mail plays a vital role in everyone’s life. It might be an individual or a group of people belonging to a profession or a company, email plays the most important role. For sure every one of us has an email. Whether you are a student who receives homework in their mails or an employee who receives tasks from his superior, emails come under one’s basic need now.

Emails are being used by marketers as a mode to retain a brand presence at the most affordable prices. Email marketing has been an old technique to promote business. Strategies like one-off campaigns and newsletters have been used when it comes to email marketing. But, so much has changed, every day we have new techniques and new strategies to promote. Similarly, email marketing also involves some new strategies now. Among those, email automation is one of them!

What does email automation mean?

It is simple as the name suggests. Email automationMay 3, 2023 meaning emails created automatically according to a specific mail without working at the very time. It is considered to be a very powerful tool when you want to stay connected to your target audience.

To even understand it better, let’s take an example. Every one of us must be acquainted with online shopping, that’s the favorite pastime for everyone. So, when you first sign up for one of the online websites, let’s say Amazon. You sign up with your email address and within a few seconds, you receive a few emails from Amazon welcoming to their family.

There would not be a person sitting and waiting for every new customer to sign up and send you emails. So this is where email automation comes into the picture. There is always a mail already designed for every specific scenario. Therefore, when you sign up for the first time, you get detected as a new customer and the already prepared mail is sent to you without working on it at the very same time.

Even the mails you receive in every “Great Indian Sale”, in Christmas’s sale, etc, are all automated.

Email automation is one of the most effective and powerful tools when it comes to email marketing. It saves your time as well as money. It gives an insight into your clients, your customers, and even your products and services. It has been an effective tool that will increase productivity. It even reduces the work so you can focus on other important higher-value work.

Rather than attracting new customers, it is most important to keep your already customer entertained. And email automation is one of the best options. All you have to do is link your business’s website analytics with the platform used for email marketing. Observe your customer’s requirements, behavior, and preference. Then according to that, personalize your mail, and increase the relevance of your mail creation.

Email Automation Before

It has been 48 years since the American computer programmer Ray Tomlinson sent the first-ever email in 1971. And since then the simple action of sending a message from one to another has changed completely. Now, it is also used as a form of marketing for increasing the revenues of the business. Time is valuable and you cannot sit back and attend each customer that shows up on your website. So, email automation was introduced.

Messages were created, emails were sent using very formal language to targeted audiences. For each cause, different kinds of mail were created which included texts, newsletters, and one-off campaigns. Also, there were only specific tools for email automation which allowed these services unlike today and was quite pricey.

It was kind of a risk to share your details on an unknown platform as cybersecurity was not strong at that point. Also, another issue was the organizations didn’t know at whom to focus and how. Maybe email marketing was a big thing then and profitable but not everyone was acquainted with that. So spending your budget on email marketing strategy and getting a small profit was also a kind of loss.

But with time, when everyone was getting a hold of it, the automation became boring because of the content. Not everyone who used it understood exactly what it is and how to use it to increase the revenues. Well, every day is not different. And what we saw yesterday is what we prefer today.

Email Automation Today

Technology is changing rapidly around us. The ways we used yesterday are old today. Yes, that’s the speed of how everything is changing, also the ways of email marketing. Before, email automation only included texts and newsletters. Yes, how boring! But no one knew that it could be spiced up!

Well, it did. New ways were discovered and new strategies were implemented. The boring layout of Gmail was spiced up and turned more systematic. And now the emails we receive from our favorite websites are not only informative but also soothing to our eyes. But it has gone through many changes.

Email automation or drip campaigns have been improvised now to a better version. Now not only texts but it also includes pictures, GIFS, and sometimes videos. Email automation is one of the essential tools. But to implement it, it now has many tools.

As simple it looks that difficult it is to implement email automation. It has to undergo a lot of things. Connecting to the email service provider to the web analytics of your business. Then selecting the subscriber and customers. Personalizing a mail according to their preference and behavior, it is, to be honest, a very tiring work.

It takes a lot of energy and also the mind to come up with creative ideas. But this has also been solved by inventing software and tools which take care of your email marketing automation completely. It has been found that there are 119% chances that automated emails are preferred more over broadcast emails. 80% of the companies now solemnly depend on the software which takes care of their email marketing and 51 % of it only uses email automation.

Now as discussed, some tools take care of automation. These tools first analyze your customers and their behavior. It sees what kind of customer looks for what kind of product and then they create emails automatically according to their taste. Also, it helps you to understand what kind of customers your websites attract so that you can focus on that group. These tools involve the graphics of the message.

In digital, eyes are the most targeted part of the human body. The content should not only be informative but also eye-catching. That’s how the world has evolved into now. Humans trust their eyes the most. So, these tools include a lot of pre-built templates for emails. Therefore, all you have to do is click on it and create the mail with newsletters and texts. Also, you can create your design that increases your chances.

Email Automation Ahead

There is no stopping when it comes to updates. We humans always tend to think a step forward as soon as we have taken a step. And it has always given us a better result. Updates and changes are good. It is a sign of growth. Email automation has grown a lot. It has evolved from boring to eye-catching. So, are there any more changes left? Read about the future of email marketing in detail here!

Well, maybe yes! We still have that 49% of companies that do not use email automation. But why don’t they? Because it is tricky to understand this great solution. Eventually, they will. And all the companies over the world would be using this tool when the competition would be too high. And then, this has to include some more and extraordinary features. But what else could be?

Analyzing is a difficult process, it can be made easy so that in no time, we can have great results. There is no end in creativity. Graphics are the key to grabbing attention. More phenomenal and 3D graphics could be included. It’s all about the updates that make this tool more effective. But the key is to utilize it in the right way by understanding it.

Email automation is still going to stay as an essential tool as email marketing can never be replaced. The more people understand its value and usage, the more revenue their business is going to receive.

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