How Smartech Push Amplification is Empowering a Leading Fashion App Brand to Elevate DAUs by 2X!
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Pradyut Hande

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How Smartech Push Amplification is Empowering a Leading Fashion App Brand to Elevate DAUs by 2X!

Published : October 25, 2018

App push notifications are known to elevate user engagement by almost 90% and retention rates by 2X!

This is precisely why app push notifications will continue to remain your primary weapon of choice in your mobile marketing mix.

Now, despite leveraging intelligent user insights to craft personalised, meaningful, and timely app push notifications, the effectiveness of your campaigns is eroded due to poor delivery rates, across devices.

This is a massive challenge that can severely hit your marketing ROI in the long run. And, this is precisely what Smartech helps you address with our proprietary industry-leading feature, Push Amplification!

I highlighted just how Smartech’s Push Amplification helps data-driven mobile marketers, like you, elevate app push notification delivery rates by 30% across devices, in one of my previous posts.

When we built this feature, we did it with a firm objective of helping you improve your business KPIs. And, now that belief is being backed by some incredible results!

Here’s how Smartech’s Push Amplification is helping one of India’s leading fashion app brands get the most out of their mobile marketing strategy:

The Challenge

The fashion brand in question relies heavily on their mobile app to drive top-line revenues. In such a scenario, their app push notification campaigns assumed even greater significance.

The brand also found that even after personalising and optimising their app push notification campaigns with behavioural triggers, conversions were being hit as delivery rates remained around 60-65% across devices.

In this backdrop, cart abandonment rates that hovered at 35-40% also couldn’t be arrested through timely app push notification campaigns.

Impressions and CTRs continued to plummet while delivering campaigns on Android-powered Chinese OEMs. The likes of Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Huawei, Le Eco, etc. can compromise delivery of app push notifications by restricting background processes related to certain apps.

Troublesome, right?

Do you face similar challenges as well?

The Smartech Solution: Instant Results

Push Amplification

The fashion brand soon realised that it wasn’t enough to merely create great app push notification campaigns. If they wanted to drive higher conversions, they had to maximise their delivery rates.

And, that’s precisely what Push Amplification has been able to accomplish for the fashion brand.

Using Smartech’s proprietary technology feature, they have been able to boost DAUs and CTRs by 2X across multiple app push notification campaigns.

Higher the CTRs, greater the number of conversions and transaction completions!

Increase DAU with Push Amplification

Learn more in detail about the implementation and benefits of Push Amplification!

While app push notification delivery rates are being magnified using Push Amplification, the brand also continues to get the most out of their mobile marketing strategy by helping the brand build and send incredible campaigns at scale for a variety of use cases.

For starters, Smartech first bridged the gap between app analytics and engagement by providing a unified view of each user.

Actionable insights gained from advanced data analytics, based on both historical and real-time user behaviour and in-app activity/inactivity, laid the foundation for relevant engagement strategies at every stage of the user journey.

The effectiveness of high delivery rates was taken to another level through the use of:

1. Personalised Rich Push Notifications

While hyper-personalisation adds a 1:1 connect with your users, incorporating large images, GIFs, audio, or video elements to your message copy adds a rich and immersive edge to your app push notifications.

In fact, rich push notifications can increase open rates by over 50% when compared to plain text content.

By employing rich push notifications, the fashion brand was able to make their user communication far more engaging, potentially enhancing the chances of app relaunch and conversion.


Rich push notifications with large images


Rich push notifications with an auto-playing GIF


Rich push notifications with video boosted user engagement by 10%

2. User Behaviour-Driven Triggered Notifications

While personalised and visually engaging content took the brand’s push notification campaigns to another level, they also benefited by sending out app push notifications based on user behaviour to address specific use cases that included cart abandonment.

By nudging users that have added items to the cart but haven’t completed the purchase within a specific time-frame, the brand was able to encourage app relaunch and order completions, using smart copy in their messaging.


If you aren’t using app push notifications yet, here are 13 reasons why you really should!

The Smart Mobile Marketing Antidote

In today’s cluttered app environment, regardless of industry, you aren’t just competing for the screen space of your users, but also for their mind and wallet share.

Smartech’s AI-powered app analytics and engagement platform allows you to do just that, in more ways than one. It really pays to deliver the right message to the right user on the right channel at the right time.

Ready to boost your app push notification delivery rates and CTRs by 30% across both Android and iOS devices?

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