Data Security At The Heart Of Netcore!
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Data Security At The Heart Of Netcore!

Published : July 3, 2020

Protecting our customers data is vital for our existence.

Security is a priority, for you and for us

Data Center

Netcore’s servers are located in dedicated spaces at secure data centers. Our data centers are SSAE 18 SOC 2 Type II compliant. We have multiple geographically separated facilities to ensure the availability and continuity of our services in the event of any disaster. We periodically invite third party vendors to perform VAPT and network assessment on Netcore’s infrastructure to ensure continued security.

API And Delivery Endpoints

By default, Netcore supports opportunistic TLS for all outbound emails. This means that all emails are encrypted in transit to remote servers and ISPs who support TLS. All our API endpoints and SMTP injection servers support HTTPS and TLS, respectively ensuring your emails are accepted and delivered securely.


SPF and DKIM are built into Netcore’s domain management and we encourage users to deploy DMARC policy. This gives control of your domain and reduces the risk of spoofing.

Application Security For MAPs And Large Teams

Out of the box, we’ve incorporated security at multiple levels into Netcore.

For Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) providers and large Teams, Netcore gives you detailed permissions so that you can control who can access what information in the account.

It’s simple to give access only to reports or entire access to your account.

Secure Payment Gateway

We partner with Stripe to manage payments on Netcore. Stripe is certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider. Netcore does not have access to customers’ credit card data.


Netcore is GDPR Compliant. Data security is a priority for everyone. You take data security very seriously and so do we.

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