Must have contextual nudges & walkthroughs: Ft. E-commerce apps
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Must have contextual nudges & walkthroughs: Ft. E-commerce apps

Published : March 30, 2021 | Updated : May 20, 2024

Explore contextual nudges use cases covering the journey of first-time users to loyal shoppers!

Here’s why you should read this blog: 

  1. It talks about the metrics that matter the most to you and your brand 
  2. To understand detailed use cases for specific user segments and find ways to ace the metrics that matter 
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Why your e-commerce app needs contextual nudges for better retention

It’s not easy being an E-commerce app in today’s world of mobile commerce and we understand that!  

It becomes extremely difficult to grab the short attention span of users and be heard amidst the noise of numerous other options. And that’s certainly not where the problems end. Even if apps try to stand out by delivering additional value and adding new features, challenges continue to exist. You know why? 

Because users are resistant to change, and their natural tendency is to keep doing the same things that they always do. 

All of this together leads to low feature discovery & adoption, less than ideal engagement, customer churn, and lower retention. And this further leads to an overall poor customer experience that ultimately makes your customers uninstall the app. 

But…you can say goodbye to your worries now! Here is your magic spell to a worry-free journey of growth.

Contextual nudges & walkthroughs have proved to be an effective way to engage users when they’re on your app (with an intention to make a purchase or any other desirable action/step). You can guide them to your app’s hero features and nudge them to take actions that are most relevant at the specific point in the user’s journey. 

Right user, right time, and right nudge resulting in the right action! 

That being said, there are numerous contextual experiences that you can offer to your e-commerce app users and get them closer to their ‘aha moment’ with one nudge at a time. 

Here are some of the many use cases that we thought would help you engage and amaze your users, at a specific time in their respective journeys. 

Stages of user journey where you can implement contextual nudges

1. When your user launched the app for the first time

Here’s your chance to create an exceptional first-time experience for new users. A smooth customer onboarding experience is extremely crucial in the user journey. It’s what decides whether or not a user will come back to you a second time. Here’s what you can do 

  • Encourage a user to register, fill in their details and set up their account for a more personalized experience. 

  • Highlight the important features of your E-commerce app and how to use them, with relevant nudges like tooltips. 

  • Create a quick walk-through, communicating the benefits of the key features that would deliver the most value to the users is another turning point during the onboarding experience. 
A newly launched app that has contextual nudges and walkthroughs in it

On-boarding experience is your primary port of call for better engagement leading to better chances of retention of first-time users. Deploying these contextual nudges & walkthroughs is what does the magic here. 

2. When the user scrolls through your products more often 

Now that you’ve given your users a great customer onboarding experience, you’re most likely to have users visit your app more often to scroll through the various products that you have to offer to them. 

But obviously, users don’t wish to go through thousands of products that may not really be relevant to them. So here’s what you can do to offer a more personalized and relevant experience to them.

  • Encourage users to avail special offers to purchase their very first product- Nudge users with a tool-tip saying ‘Use code FIRST20 to enjoy a 20% discount on your first purchase’

  • While your users are checking out products, nudge them to add products to their carts and continue shopping 
The contextual nudges and walkthroughs used to nudge the user to add the product to the cart
  • Nudge them to add products to the wishlist – If the user is looking at a product that may be out of stock. At this point, you can nudge them to add it to their wishlist and get notified when the product is back in stock. 

  • Highlight search bar – Nudge your users to make use of the search bar for a more delightful purchase experience with an attractive tooltip. 

  • Highlight the filter/sort option to narrow down the users search – Let’s not leave it on users to go through each and every product. Encourage them to use the filter/sort option more often to get their hands on the desired product faster and more easily. How to do it? Deploy a beacon! 

  • Highlight best sellers/what others bought and similar sections on the app – Contextual nudges can allow you to put a spotlight on the bestsellers section in addition to ‘what others bought’ and ‘what’s trending’. It’s a great way to tell users to check out more products and stay updated on the latest trends. 
An e-commerce app where the bestselling products are highlighted to the user
  • Tool-tips to nudge users to check out some new features that would be relevant to certain user segments. Take them through those features and show them how they can best use them for a better experience. 

The main aim here is to increase feature adoption for both existing features  and drive user attention to new features. When given a series of choices, a user tends to take up the choice that is elevated to them. So highlighting important features that would be relevant to the users, increases the chances for users to actually explore those features and take the action you want them to take. 

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3. When the user add certain products to the cart

More often than not users tend to add products to their carts but don’t actually end up purchasing any or all. And here’s where you need to be prompt with your nudges that would make your users actually proceed to checkout. Here are a few nudges that would surely help: 

  • Nudge them to avail special discounts – Guide your users to the checkout page to avail limited period special discounts that would make them click on ‘buy now’.

  • Nudge them to add more products for free delivery – While your users are at the checkout page, a tooltip saying ‘add products worth Rs 140 to avail free delivery. Saving up on delivery charges is something no user wants to miss. 

  • Increase cart value to enjoy special discounts – Guide users to check out various offers that are valid for say a minimum purchase order of Rs 1500. Nudge your users to increase their cart value and enjoy some discounts. So basically you can nudge your users with ‘get more for less’
An e-commerce app that nudges the users to increase the cart value and enjoy some discounts
  • Highlight similar/complementary products – If a user is looking at a pair of jeans, then maybe you could nudge the users to check out a top that would go well with the jeans. Nudging the users with ‘complete your look’ is surely a good way to get your users to shop more. 

  • Nudge users saying ‘only 2 left, hurry now’– Creating a sense of urgency is another way to encourage users to instantly proceed with check-out and not leave the product in the cart. 

Placing the right kind of contextual nudges at the checkout page is one of your best shots at overcoming one of your biggest nightmares – Cart abandonment. Impact your critical metric ‘conversion rate’ positively! 

4. User shops with you regularly

You’ve done a great job so far to get your users to come to your e-commerce app regularly. Here’s what you want to do next: 

  • Nudge them to become premium members – Now that you know users are enjoying your app, so why not nudge them to enroll for a premium membership. You can highlight the benefits like free delivery, special offers and more. 
A mobile application which nudges the users to become premium members
  • Personalized offers /recommendations – By now, you have a complete picture of every individual customer in terms of their likes, dislikes, previous purchases, CLTV, and all other relevant information. Guiding users to personalized offers and recommendations further improve their shopping experience and further engages them on your app. 

  • Reminder nudges further add on to the personalized shopping experience. You can simply nudge your users to buy something similar to what they bought maybe last month. 

  • Highlight refer and earn options – Now is the time to get your users to share the app with friends/families. Guide them on how to refer to enjoy some special rewards. 

  • Feedback/NPS survey nudge helps to gather feedback from users on their experience so far. Gather feedback and implement suggestions to let users know that their opinions matter. And that you’re constantly working towards improving their experience. 
A mobile application that uses nudges and walkthroughs to help them gather feedback from users

Here’s your chance to boost user retention on your eCommerce app and make your customers your advocates! 

Want to know how contextual nudges help improve your app retention rate? Grab a copy of this insightful e-book on Contextual Nudges and Walkthroughs: The New App Retention Catalysts 

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Written By: Mariam Hazrat