In a Consumer-driven age, India finds its own Martech evangelists
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In a Consumer-driven age, India finds its own Martech evangelists

Published : May 31, 2018

Marketing is today at the forefront of a major tech disruption catalysed by an explosion of Internet-based technologies. Brands today want to go where the consumer is – their choice of platform, channels, and media, as well as content is determined by what the consumer likes to see or hear.

Brands are, therefore, quickly adapting to marketing technology or Martech – fusion of the word marketing and technology coined by marketing Guru Scott Brinker nearly a decade ago – to help them figure this out by creating hyper-personalised consumer experiences. The lines between digital and physical are blurred and marketers are trying to own as many consumer touchpoints as they can.

In India, however, marketers are only now fully realising the power of what data-driven marketing can help them accomplish. Today, we know so much more about the individual consumer than we ever did, thanks to the ongoing digital and data revolution. The stage is set for largescale martech evolution as we see great proliferation of foodtech, fintech, and edutech businesses that are primarily online apart from offline brands trying their best to find new markets online.

The marketer is under the spotlight as a result, with greater than ever P&L responsibility through ROI benchmarking & monitoring, need for creative solutions to distinguish their brand through consumer experiences, and the urgency to adapt to new-age technologies. Their greatest ally today is a smart, reliable, cross-channel platform that gives them access to the 3 A’s: Automation – Actionable Analytics – Artificial Intelligence.

The Indian Martech scene is hotting up now, with a number of Martech evangelists showing the way to brands and marketers alike how to embrace the disruption. Leading performers will come together on June 13 in Mumbai at the Martech Marathon 12×25, presented by Netcore Solutions, and CNBC TV18.

The event will introduce the industry’s first-ever platform of its kind by featuring 25 Martech evangelists over for a crisp, insightful 12-minute presentation each, talking exclusively to marketers of the day about their specific challenges.

Says Kalpit Jain, Group CEO, Netcore Solutions, about the event, “Being a provider of AI-powered marketing automation & analytics platform in the B2B space, we are particularly sensitive to the challenges that marketers face today. The must explore technological shifts or risk being left behind. These experts at Martech Marathon 12×25 will arm them with unique insights on what they can do today to make a difference to their brand’s future performance as well as their own.”

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