Tips To Refine Brand Loyalty with Email Marketing
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Hardik Oza

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Tips To Refine Brand Loyalty with Email Marketing

Published : August 6, 2019

Do you know around 65% of an organization’s business comes from retaining brand loyal customers? Here’s what you can do to create the best brand loyal email campaigns.

Getting more brand loyal customers is the key to maintain the success of your business. As the competition is high in the market, more and more companies are focusing on acquiring brand loyalty. There are multiple ways a company can choose to increase a loyal customer base. However, email marketing is an integral part to attract the audience towards your business’s value propositions. When you facilitate greater brand loyalty, email marketing campaign plays an important role, you will get an opportunity to grow the customer base who are amenable to buy from you again and again. Are you looking to improve brand loyalty by using email marketing strategies?

Have a look at the following tips and implement the tactics into your campaign to get and retain more brand loyal customers.

#1. Establish initial connection

Email marketing tactics allow you to build a primary connection with your customers. With a small welcome note, you can introduce your main business offerings and enable your audience to know you as well. Also, when a customer subscribes to your email list, create a buzz by sending businesses information or detail about product release.

The successful establishment of the initial connection between your business and your potential customers helps you to win your customers’ trust. If your customers get to know the value they receive through your business offerings, they won’t go away. Thus, you can build loyal customers from a very early stage.

#2. Use a consistent email template 

Consistency is the key to easily grab your customer’s attention that it will help to create a brand image. Brand consistency is the guide of representation that affects what the customers think about your business. While you are trying to build brand loyalty via email marketing, you need to identify the different email templates for the different types of messages.

Even though you should be creative with email templates, use the same framework for the specific types of emails. For instance, when you are sending a company’s news, try to maintain the branding with colors, fonts, etc. This practice will help you to offer ease to customers so that they can easily comprehend the message.

#3. Entice customer participation

Whenever you want to increase brand loyalty, you need to encourage customers’ participation. The more active customers you have, the more they will know about your business values. And, informing them about the values you offer attracts the customers to stay connected with your business. According to Accenture, consumers are the profound stakeholders of a company who insist on transparency and valuable products, services or promises.

The value you deliver to your audience matters a lot to influence their decision to stick with your brand. Hence, optimize email marketing strategies and entice them to participate in a contest, polls, surveys, etc.

#4. Make your emails accessible

It is highly recommended that your emails are accessible on mobile devices. Most of the time, people use their cell phones to access their email. So, mobile-friendly emails will help you to reach more customers. For instance, if you are creating a loyalty program and you want to inform your audience about it, email is the most convenient way to do so.

In fact, you can attract the customers to participate in the program via perks in order to enhance brand loyalty. Moreover, make sure that the email message you send has the same visual effects on multiple devices. This factor contributes a lot to create and maintain a brand image among the audience.

#5. Send value-added content

When you opt for email marketing as a tool to increase brand loyalty, sending a valuable message to the end-user is crucial. Customers always looking for something interesting and informative which benefits them. Send a message that always makes the consumers find out what is inside. According to a study, more than 80% of businesses use an email newsletter to market their content which has favorable outcomes.

You can also surprise them with a free gift or giveaways. Besides, when you are focusing on getting in more brand loyal customers, do not forget to wish them on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries. Plus, make sure you send the right content at the right time to the consumers. Customers are more likely to engage with your message if they have received it at the appropriate time.

#6. Combine special offers and discounts

It’s also a great idea to offer discounts and special offers via email to your subscribers. Allow early access to one of your sales to your subscribers. Also, you can even distribute coupons to the customers via email. The giveaways or the special discount gives them a feeling of importance and exclusivity which bond them more intensely to your brand. Nonetheless, you can even try to encourage subscribers to share these exclusive offers. This will help you to gain and retain more brand loyal customers.

Hence, opt for the email marketing strategies that best suit your business offerings. If possible, try to incorporate all the above-mentioned strategies to retain more brand loyal customers. Also, make sure that your business’s brand image stays consistent through your campaign. Lastly, entice customers’ participation by offering them rewards like special discounts or giveaways and get more brand loyal customers.

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