Top 5 Nosto Alternatives to Implement your Omni-channel Personalization Strategy
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Top 5 Nosto Alternatives to Implement your Omni-channel Personalization Strategy

Published : June 23, 2020

There has been so much buzz about personalization that everyone knows that it’s a game-changer to stay ahead in the marketing game. The only problem is that marketers are facing a hard time deciding to add personalization technology in their marketing arsenal. Cost, integration, and complexity are some of the standard worry factors. In fact, 9% of marketers have succeeded in leveraging the power of Omni-channel real-time personalization fully. The rest of them are either trying to get their heads wrapped around personalization or are finicky about choosing the right platform.

Nosto has emerged as one of the leading E-commerce personalization technology, helping brands launch 1-to-1 personalization experience across all digital touchpoints. The most appealing part about Nosto is that it falls in the budget for SMBs and mid-level organizations. While it is quite popular in E-commerce web personalization space, the platform comes with its strengths and weakness. In such a case, it is always best to weigh your options.

So here are some popular alternatives to Nosto that you may want to consider before you launch or change your personalization strategy.

1. Smartech

Nosto's Alternative Smartech

Smartech is one of the top contenders in the advanced Personalization space. The real-time Omni-channel personalization platform has empowered over 5000 brands across the globe to create 1-to-1 personalization for its customers to boost engagement and revenue. This easy-to-implement AI-powered tool can help you

Create dynamic viewing experience for each customer – Enhances website and App viewing experience by dynamically changing content and making recommendations based on their location, device, search history, add to cart, liked, or favourite items.

Curate personalized pages such as “top picks for you” – After reading and collecting customer eye-ball data and actions, Smartech’s advanced personalization module can create separate pages or sections where high-intent items can be showcased which boosts engagement and conversions.

Personalized buying and navigational journey – Based on real-time data and search history, high intent items are dynamically pushed at the top on product listing and buying pages to increase your customers’ likelihood to close.

The best part about Smartech’s hyper-personalization module is its effortless integration and result-driven approach. With Smartech, you can

  • See improvement in behaviour prediction by 20 to 25%
  • Personalization module in less than 15 minutes (with right tech stack)
  • Increase revenue by 10 to 15%
  • Lift web or App conversions by 8 to 13%
  • See positive results within 5 weeks

And if you wish to test waters before fully trusting and implementing Smartech’s hyper-personalization module, you can also make use of their 5 weeks free POC.

2. Optimizely

Nosto's alternative Optimizely

By leveraging real-time AI-powered personalization and experimentation, Optimizely helps brands across the world deliver 1-to-1 customer experience with targeted personalized messages, recommendations, and offers to their customers.


  • A robust A/B testing tool
  • Easy to use tool for non-coders
  • Above-average performance and reporting analytics
  • Efficient customer support team


  • Difficult to analyze performance due to limited data representation
  • Enterprise clients are their major focus and flickering price plans makes it less suitable for SMBs
  • If you personalize a large number of pages with Optimizely, it can produce underwhelming results

3. Adobe Target

Nosto's Alternative Adobe Target

Adobe Target is another popular and sough-after hyper-personalization platform to offer 1-to-1 customer experience. ThisAI-powered personalization and Omni-channel marketing allow enterprise brands across the globe to optimise their user experience to boost conversion driven results.


  • Exceptional A/B testing functions
  • Page layout, user flow, and the predictive model is powerful
  • Advanced hyper-personalization and targeting


  • Limited customer support and not driven by KPI-driven approach
  • Integration and implementation is way too high
  • The biggest confusion is to pick the best reporting tool – Adobe Analytics or Adobe Target Analytics
  • Best suitable and seamless integration with only adobe marketing products
  • Complicated UI, especially for marketers who are not used to other Adobe products

4. Qubit

Nosto's Alternative Qubit

UK-based Quibt is another promising tool in Martech space when it comes to implementing advanced personalization. It helps brands deliver relevance, context, and value to its users at scale. Qubit primarily caters to E-commerce brands to help them deliver 1-to-1 customer experience.


  • Apart from successful E-commerce use cases, Qubit also has some compelling use cases for other online businesses
  • Availability of easy-to-use templates requires no less tech intervention
  • Intuitive and Smart UI makes rigorous testing and experimentation possible


  • Limited options to set unique variables which makes it challenging to create a unique journey for each customer, impacting conversions and results
  • Costly tool, especially for SMBs
  • Reporting and data representation is not at par with other available personalization tools
  • Long and complicated integration process. It requires a lot of technical assistance.

5. Certona:

Nosto's Alternative Certona

Certona is another leading e-Commerce personalization tool that helps brands deliver the individualized experience to its customers at scale by leveraging AI-powered personalization and Omni-channel marketing. The platform uses Predictive Analytics and Machine Technology to send contextual and personalized content.


  • Customer assistance is up to the mark
  • Make powerful individualized recommendations
  • Exceptional AB testing functions and optimization experiments


  • The price of the tool is a bit too high, especially for small businesses
  • Will at least take 10 to 12 weeks to experience to conversions
  • You may require above-average technical support which will further increase operational costs

Parting thoughts

Let’s accept it; there is no perfect tool out there. Even though we have given some of the best alternatives to Nosto, it’s the marketer that needs to make a final decision based on their budgets and requirements. In conclusion, we are giving you some final evaluation points that work as decisive factors for many. The personalization platform you are choosing should

  • Have KPI-driven approach
  • Have Less implementation cost
  • Be Intuitive and smart UI
  • Offer Flexibility for optimizations and experiments
  • Have efficient customer support that solves queries and issues in time
  • Seamless integration process with your tech stack
  • Require minimum tech support
  • Have a reliable reporting and performance analytics

We hope that the above mentioned Nosto alternatives help you choose the best platform to deploy your personalization campaigns for better customer engagement and ROI.

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