Top 10 Email Blacklist/Blocklist Checker Tools of 2021
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Dibya Sahoo

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Top 10 Email Blacklist/Blocklist Checker Tools of 2021

Published : August 9, 2021

If you’re an email marketer, this article is for you. Here’s a list of the top 10 email blacklist checker tools of 2021. We’ll go over some of the newer tools out there that can make your life as an email marketer, easy.

Let’s start with DNSBLs/RBLs

If you’ve been experiencing low email delivery and open rates, there’s a good chance that your IP or sending domain got included in one of the Domain Name System Blacklists (DNSBLs), earlier called Real-time Blackhole Lists (RBLs.)  These global blocklist databases maintain the reputation of domains and IP addresses. Among the 100+ global blocklists, 30 are highly important, and the others act as an early warning system. So, while you should be concerned about the 30 blocklists, you should also keep track of the others. 

This article talks about the top email blocklist checker tools that run a health check on your email sending domain or IP address.

Best email blocklist checker tools of 2021

1. GradeMyEmail’s All-In-One Email blocklist Checker

Quite simple and easy to use, GradeMyEmail is a free community tool that checks your domain across 100+ global blocklists. 

GradeMyEmail is a much sought-after email utility that highlights the blocklist status and also suggests ways to get yourself delisted. Plus, you can get ongoing alerts set up for your domain in real-time. And all these services come free with no hidden costs.

You can also sign up for getting real-time updates on your sending domains, subdomains, and IP address; you will immediately know if they get included in any blocklist.

Here’s the complete list of email blocklist databases that Grademyemail scans to check your domain.

2. Whatismyip’s Email Blocklist Checker

Whatismyip was created when DHCP local networks, subnets, and gateway routers became commonplace in household networks.

When the need for IP blocklists arose, Whatismyip also created its own IP blocklist checker tool. It scans your IP or domain through multiple DNS blocklists and SURBLs (Spam URI Realtime Blocklists) i.e., domains that appeared in unsolicited emails.

Though most major mailbox service providers only check for DNS blocklists, some may also scan SURBLs, and this tool can be handy in such a scenario.

3. MXToolbox’s blocklist Check

Being an email-specific website, MXToolbox checks about 100 blocklist databases to give a picture of your present status on the databases. 

However, you will not find remedial actions to get out of the email blocklist: you’ll have to continue your search for solutions once you figure out which blocklist you’re listed in.

4. DNSBL Blocklist Check

One of the original blocklist databases, DNSBL info checks blocklist status.  It also provides information about the servers’ up/down status.

This tool comes in handy when you’re working on removing an IP or domain from the blocklist database.

5. DNSChecker IP Blocklist Checker Tool

Yet another trustworthy tool, DNSChecker checks with 50+ blocklists for your IP status and displays an easy table with blocklists and its listed status.

DNSChecker is popular for the multiple tools on its website, including MX records checkers, DNS health analyzers, and more.

6. MultiRBL Blocklist Lookup Tool

This website helps you check your IP for blocklist through multiple RBLs or DNSBLs. 

Besides, you can also test your sending capability by sending an email from the servers, which makes it a handy tool.

7. Spamhaus IP Blocklist Checker

Unlike the other tools listed, the Spamhaus blocklist lookup is not just a lookup tool. It’s also one of the most significant blocklist databases used by major mailbox service providers. 

It has some of the strictest spam filtering policies that many other databases also use. So, if you’re out of Spamhaus list, you’re most likely not falling in most others.

8. Spamcop Blocklist Checker Tool

Spamcop works based on the number of spam reports or spamtraps that your IP has been part of. The higher the number, the lower your IP/domain reputation, and you are likely to get included in its blocklist.

The tool also offers support in terms of getting your IP and domain delisted from its blocklists.

9. Barracuda IP Blocklist Checker

Similar to Spamhaus and Spamcop, Barracuda is an internet security company that maintains a list of IPs known to spam. 

Multiple mailbox service providers use this list to keep a tab on which emails get through to the inbox, and which ones get sent into the spam folder.

10. IPVoid Email blocklist Checker Tool

IPVoid checks your IP through 80 blocklists for IP reputation and DNS. It also offers a reputation check API for developers to integrate into their tools/websites. 

The service aims to troubleshoot network issues and acquire IP address information. While using this tool, avoid running automated queries, as it will ban the IP addresses that generate too many requests per second.

Making the choice

GradeMyEmail’s Email Blocklist checker tool scores higher than others on the overall score. Apart from specific, actionable insights on how to get out of a blocklist, they also offer alerts in real-time (with your choice of frequency); such alerts will quickly let you know if your domain lands up in any blocklist.  Moreover, the site features additional tools that check and interpret eight other parameters critical to deliverability, inboxing, and engagement. 


Email blocklist checker tools are aplenty, and new ones keep popping up ever so often. It would be wise to go with the major lookup tools to ensure that the data you get is relevant, meaningful, and can be used overall for improving your email ROI.

If you’re not blocklisted but still experience deliverability issues, look at how to improve your email delivery rates. And if bounces are your problem, you can find effective methods for reducing bounce rates here.

Should you have any more questions, feel free to get in touch by clicking the chatbox – we’d be happy to talk to you!

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