Netcore Cloud Announces New Data Center in Indonesia
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Simone Pious
Simone Pious

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Netcore Cloud Announces New Data Center in Indonesia

Published : May 28, 2024

We are thrilled to announce that we are expanding our investment in the vital Indonesian market by establishing a new data center. This initiative is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional service quality and adhering to the highest data privacy and security standards.

With its rapidly growing digital economy and increasing demand for robust online services, Indonesia is a crucial region for Netcore Cloud. As local businesses and multinational corporations expand, the need for reliable, secure data management becomes ever more critical. Our new data center will address these needs by providing local firms with the tools necessary to manage and secure their data effectively, all while ensuring compliance with Indonesia’s stringent data sovereignty regulations.

Kuldeep Sengar, our Group Chief Technology Officer, stated, “Our new data center in Indonesia underlines our dedication to supporting the dynamic market needs of this region. By investing in local data handling capabilities, we empower our clients to maintain complete control over their critical information, ensuring they meet both regional regulations and international standards of data security.”

Our presence in Indonesia is already marked by strong partnerships with prominent brands such as Domino’s Indonesia and Danone Indonesia, who trust Netcore Cloud to enhance their customer engagement and operational efficiency. The introduction of this data center will enhance our ability to serve a diverse range of businesses—from innovative startups to established industry leaders—by significantly reducing data latency and providing a localized approach to data management. This facility will enable companies in Indonesia to leverage Netcore Cloud’s advanced suite of messaging and analytics tools, driving their digital transformation initiatives forward.

As we build on the success of our global operations and follow through with our recent expansion in the Middle East, the Indonesian data center is a key part of our strategy to innovate at the intersection of data security and customer experience. We are committed to supporting our Indonesian clients as they scale operations and adapt to the evolving landscape of global data privacy regulations.

This exciting development marks another milestone in our mission to revolutionize customer engagement and experience across Asia, ensuring Netcore Cloud continues to be a leader in technological advancements and customer-centric solutions. We look forward to fostering stronger relationships with our clients in Indonesia and beyond, reinforcing our pledge to excellence in every interaction.

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Written By: Simone Pious