8 Email Marketing Tips to Engage Your Subscribers
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Aimee Laurence

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8 Email Marketing Tips to Engage Your Subscribers

Published : September 27, 2019

In today’s era Email is an essential part of every digital marketing strategy. Why? Because email marketing works extremely well. (In the UK, every one pound spent on email marketing has an ROI of 38 pounds; in the US, it’s $44). But no matter what the stats say there are very few businesses who are generating similar returns from this channel. Are you one of them? Chances are high you aren’t. But with one small change, you can squeeze a lot more ROI from this channel.
If you’re wondering what that is? The answer is very simple, ignore the short-term gains. Most marketers create emails to boost sales, instantly, but, you shouldn’t. If you want to get better returns from your email campaigns keep the focus on strengthening the connection with your subscribers. If you keep your subscribers engages, your conversions will increase anyway.
Now you must be wondering how to keep your subscribers engaged? Well, given below are eight tips to do that:

1. Use a real name in the “From” field

Email marketing is mostly about relationship building with your recipients. That’s why it’s always better to present yourself as an individual and not a faceless, nameless corporation. When you set up your account that will be responsible for email marketing, put a real name in the “From” field of the emails. This is a friendlier way to approach things that will build trust in you and will lead to more of your emails getting opened.

2. Make it conversational

A great way to start a conversation with your email recipients is by asking questions. That’s a sure way to avoid mistakenly only talking about yourself. This will show that you’re interested in your subscribers and you want them to talk to you. This can be as simple as writing ‘Click reply to ask me anything, I’ll be sure to get back to you,’ which can make a big difference to your readers. Some other simple questions to ask are their thoughts or feedback, their biggest problems with whatever need your service is addressing, and much more.

3. Be responsive

You should respond to your audience’s emails whether they sent a question, feedback, or a comment. It can be hard to stay on top of them when you get more and more and your business expands, but you always want to acknowledge their emails. This doesn’t have to be a lengthy or complicated email response, but a short, personalized thank you goes a long way. It shows your subscribers that you’re a real person and you’re available any time.

4. Make it about the recipient

In a real-life conversation, people will often not listen when someone is talking; instead, they always think about the next thing to say, and that ends up being about yourself. We respond with our own story, or what we would have done in their situation, or change the subject to something about ourselves. It’s the same in the email world. When someone responds to your email or sends you feedback, it’s important just to listen to them. Don’t turn it back on yourself to talk about your business, but acknowledge and thank them, or follow up with another question.

5. Ask a question in the subject line

The subject line is the first impression you make, and that’s what decides whether your email will get opened. According to Greta McKinley, a tech lead at State of Writing, “a good tactic to lure in your readers and start a conversation is to have an interesting question as a subject line. If it’s mysterious enough but still somewhat obvious what you’re talking about, it raises your chances of getting your email opened.”

6. Always double check your email copy

If you talk about your company, spin it in a way that provides value to the customer. If you write in the second person, it will help the reader feel like you’re in a two-person dialogue. It’s also important to review your content before pressing send to make sure there are no spelling mistakes. An online service like Essay Service, Boom Essays and Big Assignments can help review and proofread your content.

7. Provide value

As mentioned before, your email shouldn’t be focused on yourself. The main purpose of the email shouldn’t be to promote your business, but it’s about the customer. Think about what their pain points are or what needs they have, and write content that will solve that issue. The only way your customers will feel like you understand them or care about them is to try to understand them and show you care. It’s as simple as that.

8. Create AMP-powered emails

Inboxes are overcrowded these days – no matter how good your emails are it’s not that easy to engage your subscribers as it uses to be. In fact, it’s becoming tougher than ever. That’s where AMP-powered emails can help – as they can make your message super-engaging and actionable.
If you’re wondering how to create AMP-powered emails – well it’s not tough. The only catch is you need an ESP that supports sending AMP-powered emails. Right now there aren’t many ESP’s that allow you to do that, but we do support it.


Email marketing has been around for decades and no matter what the naysayers say it’s not going away anytime soon. So, it’s important that you utilize this channel effectively. And, by paying attention to the tips mentioned above you can easily do that. Now, these tips may seem simple, but when applied diligently they can lead to incredible results. And, yes no matter which tips’ you pay attention to – just don’t forget that you’re emailing to real people. People are inundated with email these days if you want to capture and hold the attention you’ve to put them first and your business second.
If you have a successful email marketing tip that has worked in the past, we would love to hear it.

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