9 Best Email Tracking Tools Worth Using
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Usman Raza

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9 Best Email Tracking Tools Worth Using

Published : July 2, 2019

Whether you are emailing for business or your job, email tracking is an excellent tool that can give you great insight into an important part of your business. These insights help you with your email marketing campaigns, especially for your business. Email tracking lets you know what your audience likes in their emails and helps you craft great campaigns for your users. 

Some of the best email tracking software offers much more than just read receipts; the most advanced systems will allow you to track everything from CRM and full-stack integrations which will become useful for your business and help increase sales.

To help you narrow down your search, we rallied up 8 best email tracking software.

 1. Yesware

Yesware is worth downloading, as the software alerts you with all the information you need to know when sending an email such as when the email was read, the number of times it was read, links clicked, attachments downloaded, the device used, their IP address and much more. In addition, this app offers other great features such as email templates to speed up your outbound efforts, automatic follow up and scheduling tools. Sounds like the perfect tracking device worth using, huh?

 2. ToutApp

ToutApp integrates CRM, phone, and email client into one platform. This app easily tracks engagement on all your emails, giving you the information in real-time. A cool feature that ToutApp offers is that it’ll show you which emails haven’t been delivered, and why. ToutApp is available on Gmail on Chrome and on Microsoft Outlook.

 3. ContactMonkey

ContactMonkey wonderful tool to use when you’re looking to track and monitor sales leads. Like most apps, ContactMonkey allows you to get the results in real-time, it alerts you not only when your email has been read, but also the location, the time and the type of device.

 4. Mailshake

Mailshake is a sales engagement platform that helps salespeople create highly personalized outreach cadences using email (via your personal email account), social, and phone. With Mailshake, you can upload a list of prospects with personalization fields like name, links to social profiles, phone numbers, and even fully personalized sentences and paragraphs

5. SalesHandy

SalesHandy is an awesome tracking tool that is free of charge with no limitations. If you are using Gmail or Outlook, this is a tracking tool worth downloading. This tool allows you to track normally, as well as features like email scheduling with time zones, attachment tracking, template sharing, file link sharing, and BCC to CRM.

 6. Mailtrack

Mailtrack is very simple and straightforward. If you are looking for something more for just email tracking, this is the tool for you. Mailtrack simply allows you to see who opened your email; when your email has been read, you will see two green checkmarks on the left side of the email, and if you hover over them, you’ll see the time they were opened. If you download the basic, version and choose not to upgrade, this tool attaches a “Mailtrack” signature to your emails, which is the only downside.

  7. Newton Mail

Newton Mail This tracking tool has much more features available than just the ordinary read receipts; Newton Mail will mark emails as read by a blue tick mark next to the email you sent on both computer and smartphone devices. It also allows you to send emails later, un-send an email, and integration with multiple third-party tools like Evernote and Pocket

 8. Streak for Gmail

Streak for Gmail: Streak is a great email tracking plugin specifically for your Gmail account. This plugin extension works wonders and like Yesware, Streak gives you all the email tracking information you could need right in your Gmail inbox. And the features don’t stop there; Streak also lets you schedule emails to send later, and gives you a visual history of the viewed message, including the total number of views and the number of unique message views. Did I mention this app is free?

9. Right Inbox

Right Inbox saves you time on repetitive tasks and helps you to send better emails, in less time consistently. Once you install the Right Inbox extension you’ll immediately gain two levels up of time-saving, productivity-improving tools.
At the top of the message window, right below the subject line, you’ll find a variety of features designed to soup-up your conversational skills. Switch signatures, insert a templated message, set up an email sequence, or add a GIF at the click of a button. Below are all your scheduling options. Plus many features that allow you to sync with your preferred CRM platform, add private notes to your messages, and set up reminders.
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