6 Most Helpful Triggers for E-commerce Brands
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6 Most Helpful Triggers for E-commerce Brands

Published : July 25, 2017

While e-commerce is growing by leaps and bounds, the importance of keeping the customers engaged is also becoming critical. Thanks to the ever-evolving marketing technology space, there are many ways and channels to be in touch with your customers. Regardless of which domain of e-commerce you belong to, there are 6 marketing campaigns that any e-commerce company can set up to target their customers. These are based on the customer behaviour and are across channels.

1. Behaviour-based Welcome Series: The right time to start segmenting your database based on user behaviour is to start it from the beginning, right from the time user registers on your website. The customer life cycle may vary based on the product the e-commerce brand sells. Considering a product which has say a 30 – 60 day re-buy period, while a user registers, send them a generic welcome mailer but the further series should be completely based on user behaviour. The next communication that is sent out has to be based on segmentation of your users into transacted new user & non-transacted new user.

2. Automated Re-engagement triggers: To the user segments who have been inactive for the last 35 days or more, send them an automated re-engagement series. The users can either be those who have transacted in the past but are inactive now, and those you have registered but never transacted and are inactive. To those who transacted in the past, design automated flows based on user’s previous purchase and special offers for them. This would bring your brand on the top of their mind. You can do multi-channel targeting based on which is the most preferred channel of the user. Similarly, to those who registered but have not transacted yet, send “We miss you” messages, offers, first time purchase discounts, etc. This will help in bringing them back to your website/app.

3. Transaction Triggered Series: When a user completes a transaction, send a thank you message. After some time, send recommendations for related products. You can also share relevant blogs and tips, so that cross-sell and upsell is facilitated.

4. Suggestions and Recommendations: Based on products the users view, send them product recommendations and suggestions. This would drive cross selling and upselling.

5. Digestified Cart Abandonment Emails: Users usually add the items to the cart, but do not complete the transaction for multiple reasons. Send a digestified cart abandonment email with the product details.

6. Replenishment Mailers:These are reminders to customers about re-purchase items. For example, to customers who bought printer cartridges, you could send them a mailer after a month asking them to replenish their stock.

Setting up these triggers helps you in engaging your users, convert dormant users to loyal customers. So, start with your campaigns!

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