5 Alternatives to Mailgun SMTP | Relay Server
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5 Alternatives to Mailgun SMTP | Relay Server

Published : April 19, 2020

Businesses nowadays are spending most of their time, not only strategizing their organizational activities but also finding out the right tool, software or service to help them to get the best results. And therefore, here we are to help you with 5 alternatives to Mailgun SMTP service provider that you can use to grow your email campaign and bear the fruit from all the planning and hardwork that is put in.

The market is dynamic and every industry wants to be ever-ready, thereby keeping businesses on their toes to keep up with the external environment and competitors. Essentially, this is a life cycle that goes on, it is because of the invention and innovation capabilities of various entities today, that we see a lot of services, making everyone’s life easier and tasks elementary! 

But Why are we talking about services making our life as easy as ABC?

Well, because we will be trying to know more about services that have made email deliverability and marketing just a piece of cake.

Talking about one such service is Mailgun SMTP which is a cloud-based powerful Transactional Email service for providing an email service particularly focused for Developers. They also have features of email validation, bulk email service and view time optimization to improve deliverability. 

Even after all the features that they provide, they might not be the solution to your business needs. The reasons can be many, poor customer support, technical issues, unfriendly interface or maybe the Pricing plans, which can be the main reason after coming of New Year news from Mailgun!

Whatever your reason may be, we think that you should check out our list so that you do not miss out on the best SMTP relay service!

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5 Alternatives to Mailgun SMTP

1. Pepipost

Pepipost holds the top position for us! But, why is that so? Well, you will surely realize it after you take a look at their features, deliverability rates, and pricing plans.It is the most affordable alternative to Mailgun SMTP server. It is the only one that is recommended for all the business sizes or industries or sectors because of the solid email delivery infrastructure that Pepipost provides. It’s inexhaustive list of features includes: 

  1. Real-Time analytical reports that have data like deliverability rates, opens, clicks, bounces, etc.
  2. It has a searchable 90-day activity feed for all your email campaigns so that you can analyze your data and take better decisions.
  3. They also support HTTPs and TLS for secure sending of your emails.
  4. You can also perform email marketing with the help of integration options that they provide with open source tools.

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As we said, the feature list is never-ending, you can check that according to your business requirements, but one thing that we can vouch that you won’t get if you will use any SMTP which are present in the list is the customer support that Pepipost has.

They have 24/7 live chat support to answer all your queries as they strongly believe in providing the best service and the strongest SMTP to catalyze growth for your business. Pepipost makes your email marketing program perfect and super affordable. An easypeasy way! Isn’t it?

Learn More: Pepipost V/S Mailgun Pricing

2. SendinBlue

Second best altenative to Mailgun SMTP will be SendinBlue, which is also one of the best SMTP Relay services in terms of deliverability and features.Here you can get access to all the digital marketing tools with easy integration with WordPress, thus making it a one-stop solution for you business needs.What else you get with SendinBlue?

  1. Easy drag and drop editor for professional and perfect designs within no time.
  2. Setup options like API, SMTP Relay,marketing automation,  e-commerce plugin so that you can customize your emails and other notifications very easily.
  3. They also offer ready-made email templates which you can customize on your own.
  4. Additionally, they offer SMS marketing and live chat functionality.

SendinBlue also provides automation which easily automates your workflow. Just set all the rules and conditions and then you are good to go!

3. Sparkpost

Sparkpost is a very renowned and trusted email delivery service and a wonderful alternative to Mailgun SMTP. It provides high inbox placement and has an abundance of features. Although they might not be everyone’s choice as they are not that affordable from the time they have increased their pricing plans.But due to the services that they are offering, they are still among our list of best Mailgun Alternatives.

  1. Sparkpost helps in easy embedding of your email into your website or product and seamlessly takes control of generating messages, sending emails, etc.
  2. They provide access to personalized responsive email templates.
  3. Also, supports DKIM, DMARC, and  SPF for email authentication to verify email addresses and keep the IP reputation intact.
  4. As SparkPost has eDataSource they offer fully integrated Email Sending and Analytics Platform so that you can extensively analyze your data 

4. Amazon SES

Next on the list, we have the cheapest alternatives to Mailgun. Any application with Internet access can use Amazon SES to deliver email, whether that application runs in your own data center, within Amazon EC2(Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud), or as a client software solution.They also have a deliverability dashboard to look into the issue aroused and take corrective actions. However, there have been instances where it is noted that its interface is a little messy and working with its API can be a bit difficult.

  1. You can enhance the reputation by content filtering, dedicated IP addresses and more.
  2. Apply various settings to prevent bounces and spam complaints as well as perform easy tracking. It provides the entire email response funnel details.
  3. Conduct different types of marketing campaigns to target bulk audience.
  4. Just Pay $24.95 per month for each dedicated IP address you lease (Decently higher than Pepipost which is $20 per month).

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5. Sendgrid

Last in our list is Sendgrid which is also a cloud-based SMTP provider and another competitor to Mailgun. You can use their Web API or SMTP API to more deeply integrate into your system.  It is a leading email infrastructure that is specially designed for transactional emails, but from quite some time now there has been a lot of reviews and complaints by their users of not getting proper response on their complaint/issue ticket and customer support which is quite a big deal breaker!

Although, they have been into business for quite some time now, we still feel that they have strong email delivery service and should be there on our list. What you get?

  1. Open and click tracking for better measurement of  engagement.
  2. This marketing email service allows non-technical users also to  design emails using a drag-and-drop interface.
  3. Sendgrid supports DKIM , SPF, CAN-SPAM Compliance, and regulations to ensure better reputation and deliverability rate.
  4. Webhook  also helps to notify your application of bounces, unsubscribes, and spam reports.

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As we started our blog with talking about inventions and innovations that take place continuously to make our lives easier and not only to perform certain tasks but also to help us take better decisions actually works like a cog in the wheel of our business. This list of Mailgun alternatives from our side is just to help you with picking the right SMTP server so that you can continue working seamlessly and effortlessly.

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Till then hustle harder and grow better!


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