Boost Product Metrics via Contextual Walkthrough & Nudges

Boost Product Metrics via Contextual Walkthrough & Nudges

About this Webinar

A Free flowing discussion around how mobile companies are now moving to faster methods of experimentation using various methods from variable-led testing to No-Code nudges. Product and Growth team to experience Real-time, No-code Revolution of how Contextual Nudges and Walk-throughs can be used at the most appropriate time in the customer’s journey to boost conversions and engagement on App & Web.

Key Takeaways
A sneak peak
Launch new ideas with “No Code” Framework
Balancing Human & Tech: How brands are conducting 5X Faster In-App experiments
How Machine learning is helping Brands predict “Next Best Action”
Keynote speakers
Aswin Sambamurthy
VP – Growth & Product
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